Veiltail Betta - Betta splendens - Male

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There are many names for the particular betta color patterns but most are variations of blue and/or red colors. Fish pictured here are representative only. If you are looking for a specific coloration, contact a livestock department representative or simply allow us to choose one of our favorites for you!

Veiltail Bettas are not often known as Veiltail Bettas….this is the kind you’ll most often encounter and that most people are familiar with as the "Siamese Fighting Fish". The fins are very long and the tail is long and droopy. When the betta flares, the top half and bottom half are not symmetrical. Males are typically more colorful and brightly colored than females, and females usually have shorter fins.

Bettas are one of the most beautiful of all the anabantoids (gouramis, or "air-breathers"). Their ability to breathe air directly from the atmosphere enables them to live in the stagnant pools and puddles in which they naturally occur.

Bettas have evolved a very intense territorial aggression to the point where they are best kept by themselves. They do not tolerate other males and females are only tolerated when breeding. This natural behavior and their ability to breathe atmospheric air makes them ideal for keeping in bowls and small aquaria. As long as the water is kept relatively warm and is changed regularly, they do very well.

Bettas are carnivorous fish and must be fed meaty foods. There are many special prepared Betta diets (flake/pellet) that are excellent foods. Blood worms, brine shrimp, and plankton are also excellent as treats. Keep in mind that a betta has a stomach about the size of it's eye. It should be fed an eyeful every day to maintain it's shape and health.

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F90 0022 0005
That Fish Place
Common NameVeiltail Betta - Male
Scientific NameBetta splendens
Max Size (in inches)2.5
Community SafeNo
pH Range6.5-7.6
Min Tank Size (in gallons)3
Temperature Range76-80
Internal Id


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Lovely Bettas


I own a beautiful male Betta.He is absolutely beautiful and I love him to pieces.I would absolutely recommend buying one and they are great in community tanks.I would not keep them in one of the small bowls advertised on this site and others as there is not enough room in these.They need a well heated space and ,even although they are labyrinth fish,a pump and filter.



Bettas are the absolute perfect fish for beginners. This was the first fish I got when I started fishkeeping again. Beautiful colors to choose from, and easy to take care of. I have 2. One is purple with orange fins and tail. His name is Ryder. I also have a turquoise one with a bit of green on his fins and tail, and his name is Eeyore. I have Ryder in a 60 gallon hex community tank, and I have Eeyore in a 2.5 gallon bow front with a turquoise guppy and 2 apple snails. Great fish, and very personable.



horrible community but are ok for some live bearers like guppies

Don't Keep Bettas in Bowls...


Bettas make great pets, but it's a common misconception that it's ok to keep them in small containers. They can survive with regular water changes (about twice a week), but it's considered cruel.

A 5 gallon tank with a low powered filter is ideal, with a few hiding places. There are many sites dedicated to betta care.