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Amano Shrimp - Caridina multidentata

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These tiny and amusing creatures are great for planted tanks. They will delicately remove and eat algae from your plant's fragile leaves. They also clean up the surface of the gravel and are generally a lot of fun to watch. They are virtually harmless to fish, and only larger fish may attempt to nibble at them, so be careful with the sort of tankmates that these little guys will be coexisting with. They will pick at leftover food as well as algae. Keep up with your water quality as these shrimp can be sensitive to water conditions.
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Common NameAmano Shrimp
Scientific NameCaridina multidentata
OriginSoutheast Asia
Max Size (in inches)2
Community SafeYes
pH Range6.5-7.8
Min Tank Size (in gallons)10
Temperature Range72-82
Internal Id

State Restrictions
Armed Forces Americas
Armed Forces Europe
Armed Forces Pacific
Puerto Rico

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A worthwhile addition


These shrimp are a nice addition to my planted tank. Although they often hide and are not seen for days at a time, when they do show themselves they are fascinating and entertaining to watch as their movement is so different from that of fish. They seem to do well in a community tank, and have not been difficult to keep for the month I have had them, regardless of the various concerns I have been told.