Purple Wolf Fish - Erythrinus sp.

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As the common name "wolf fish" may suggest, these fish are predators and will eat anything small enough, including tankmates. They are best kept along in a species-only aquarium but can sometimes be kept with larger fish with bold (but not aggressive) temperaments). They hide in foliage in the wild and do well in a planted tank with floating plants to use as cover. Use caution when maintaining the aquarium as these fish have very sharp teeth and are known to attack tankmates, siphon tubes, equipment, and aquarists.


Wolf fish have been witnessed crozzing land for short distances to move between seasonal bodies of water. They are also adapted to breath atmospheric air from the surface if the oxygen levels in the water become too low. As such, always keep the tank tightly covered to prevent the fish from escaping from the aquarium.


Wolf fish require a meaty diet. Most will not accept prepared foods like pellets so a variety of fresh or frozen foods are recommended. Earthworms, beefheart, fish flesh, shrimp and similar items are appropriate.


That Fish Place
Common NamePurple Wolf Fish
Scientific NameErythrinus sp.
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