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Hillstream Loach - Beaufortia/Gastromyzon sp.

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Hillstream Loaches are often mistaken for algae-eaters like plecos, but they are actually loaches. This group of loaches includes several genera, all of which share a similar flattened guitar- and banjo-shaped appearance. Their low profile helps them to cling to rocks in their native habitats - well-oxygenated, fast-moving mountain streams - and for this reason it is important to provide an efficient filtration system as well as pump to create a current if necessary.

Hillstream loaches are sensitive to poor water quality, so be sure to maintain regular water changes. These fish are peaceful and can be kept with most community species. Do not keep this fish with nippy or aggressive tankmates as they are not very good at defending themselves and will be easily injured. They can be kept in groups or alone.

Hillstream loaches will sometimes defend a small territory against others of their own kind, but the competition is normally confined to "butting" heads. Hillstream loaches feed on algae, small invertebrates and detritus. In the aquarium they will also eat sinking pellets and leftover food they find. Provide some hiding places such as small caves or driftwood as well as large, rounded rocks and pebbles. Do not keep with sharp-edged or rough decor as it may injure the loachs' delicate undersides.


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Common NameHillstream Loach
Scientific NameBeaufortia/Gastromyzon sp.
Max Size (in inches)3
Community SafeYes
pH Range6.5-7.5
Min Tank Size (in gallons)20
Temperature Range72-80
Internal Id

State Restrictions
Armed Forces Americas
Armed Forces Europe
Armed Forces Pacific
Puerto Rico


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How long do they ge

how long do they get look under the other tag


Common Name Hillstream Loach
<br>Scientific Name Gastromyzon sp.
<br>Origin Asia
<br>Max Size (in inches) 3
<br>Community Safe Yes
<br>pH Range 6.5-7.5, Diet Omnivore
<br>Min Tank Size (in gallons)20,
<br>Temp Range 72-80, Difficulty Easy

very nice fish


very easy to keep
<br> very peacefull and they eat alge
<br>they blend in with plastic yellowish root decor very well
<br>i have 1 of these only 1.5 in long so far and 5 other hillsterms . and 2 buterfly loaches very simeler in looks .in a planted 80 gal tank