Longfin Black Skirt Tetra - Gymnocorymbus ternetzi

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The Black Skirt Tetra and White Skirt Tetra are two very different color variations of the same species, Gymnocorymbus ternetzi. The Black Skirt Tetra is the "natural" form and has two black bars on its sides and fades from silver in the front to black towards the rear. The White Skirt Tetra has the same shape but is solid white in color. This tetra gets relatively large and can become nippy to some small tank mates. Because of this, they should not be kept with very small or timid species.

Many tropical community aquariums are populated with tetras, rasboras and other similar schooling fish. Though these fish are rather small, pleasant temperaments, schooling behaviors they exhibit and a vast variety of colors and shapes make them popular in the hobby. They can grow anywhere from a few centimeters to a few inches, and can add movement to any freshwater fish tank. Most of these fish fairly easy to care for and have similar water chemistry and care requirements.

Tetras are probably the the largest group of fish offered for community aquariums. They can be distinguished from other schooling community fish by the small adipose fin present between the dorsal fin and the tail. Tetras include small species such as the vibrant neon and cardinal tetras to much larger and more robust species like Buenos Aires Tetras and Congo Tetras.

Danios are commonly recommended as “starter fish” and dither fish. They are fast and active swimmers and they like a long tank to swim in. Danios have interesting markings and are generally hardy and peaceful.

Rasboras are actually small members of the carp family. These schooling fish can be very colorful and are popular for community tanks.

These fish prefer aquariums with plenty plants and ornamentation to explore, but also need plenty of open space to swim. They can be fed commercial flakes, granules and small pellets as a staple diet, with occasional feedings of meaty frozen or freeze dried treats such as bloodworms, plankton, mysis or brine shrimp. They prefer to be kept in groups of six or more to school and feel secure.


F90 0022 0056
That Fish Place
Common NameLongfin Black Skirt Tetra
Scientific NameGymnocorymbus ternetzi
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