African Butterfly Fish - Pantodon buchholzi

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The African Butterfly Fish (Pantodon buchholzi) is an interesting fish that spends most of its time at the surface of the water. It has a long slender body and large pectoral fins that angle upwards like wings. These wings enable the butterfly fish to jump exceptionally well, so provide a tight-fitting cover.

This fish is silvery to olive in color with a chocolate to black marbled pattern on the body. This pattern varies between specimens, with some fish appearing almost completely dark. Its long ventral fins are deeply serrated, giving them the appearance of many fine filaments extending from a central origin. The other fins are transparent with dark rays. Male African butterflies have a curved anal fin, while in females the anal fin is straight.

These fish are surface predators, and feed primarily on insects, larvae and other small items that fall into the water. They can usually be weaned onto a pellets or frozen foods, but should always have some live insects included in their diet.

These fish are relatively peaceful, and can be kept with most community fish. They will, however, eat very small fish on occasion, such as fry, so be sure that tankmates are too large to be swallowed. African butterflies are shy, and need subdued lighting and plenty of hiding places. Appropriate shelters can be made using floating plants and other decorations that reach the upper area of the tank.


F90 0022 0298
That Fish Place
Common NameAfrican Butterfly Fish
Scientific NamePantodon buchholzi
Originwestern and central Africa
Max Size (in inches)4.5
Community SafeYes, with caution
pH Range6.0-7.0
Min Tank Size (in gallons)30
Temperature Range72-82
DifficultyEasy to Moderate
Internal Id

State Restrictions
Armed Forces Americas
Armed Forces Europe
Armed Forces Pacific
Puerto Rico


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Great Fish


I love this FIsh so much but it is very hard to find in pet shops. I got one about a year ago and i have been looking for a buddy for him ever since. :)