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Pictus Cat - Pimelodus pictus - Small

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The Pictus Catfish (Pimelodus pictus) is one of the most popular and common catfish in its group. They have silver bodies covered with black spots on the body and fins along with the long barbels characteristic of the Pimelodus. They are very active and should not be kept with timid tankmates.

Pimelodus catfish are active bottom feeders that will often be seen constantly scanning the bottom and using their long whisker-like barbels to investigate their surroundings. Their fins spines are very sharp and pointy, leaving these catfish vulnerable to getting stuck in nets.

They are not picky feeders and will usually accept frozen and fresh meaty foods as well as flakes and pellets. They are generally peaceful and can be kept with many larger fish but may prey on smaller fish and invertebrates. Care should be taken not to overfeed these fish. They have a great personality and often will learn to recognize the aquarist and will swim eagerly to the front in hopes of getting more food.
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Common NamePictus Cat - Small
Scientific NamePimelodus pictus
OriginSouth America
Max Size (in inches)4.5
Community SafeYes, with larger fish only
pH Range5.8-6.8
Min Tank Size (in gallons)45
Temperature Range72-77
Internal Id

State Restrictions
Armed Forces Americas
Armed Forces Europe
Armed Forces Pacific
Puerto Rico

Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews



There fun very active just make sure you don't change the filter and vacuum out the tank that's how my first one died



The best fish



Bought one of these on Saturday, didn't even last 4 hours. Disappointed

pictus catfish AMAZING


Amazing and talnted. they don,t hide as they muture and glide along the bottom like a sting ray! my 2 doe eat rosy reds so beware the predetor!