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Redline Torpedo Barb - Puntius denisonii - Small

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The beautifully colored Red Line Torpedo Barb is a relative newcomer to the aquarium trade. They are a slender, grey fish with a black horizontal stripe that runs from the gill plate to the caudal fin. A brilliant red stripe runs parallel to the black stripe, from the tip of the nose to about midway through the body. The same brilliant red appears on the dorsal fin, and the tail features two bright yellow spots.

This fish will get along with species such as other barbs, gouramis, and freshwater sharks. They should accept most prepared foods, like flake or pellet, as well as the occasional frozen foods. They will also tend to nibble at soft-leaved plants. Planted tanks are however ideal to keep this barb, especially long tanks where they have plenty of room to swim.


F90 0022 2030
That Fish Place
Common NameRedline Torpedo Barb - Small
Scientific NamePuntius denisonii
Max Size (in inches)6
Community SafeYes
pH Range6.5-7.5
Min Tank Size (in gallons)75
Temperature Range74-78
DifficultyEasy to Moderate
Internal Id

State Restrictions
Armed Forces Americas
Armed Forces Europe
Armed Forces Pacific
Puerto Rico


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Stunning Prince of the Tank


As beautiful as it was as a juvenile, my Redline Torpedo Barb has matured into magnificent adulthood, He is, by far, the prince of the tank. The yellow dots on its tail are so bright they almost look artificial, and the red lateral line has deepened in intensity and definition. He slowly cruises the mid-level of my heavily planted 75 gallon long tank, then zips into high gear and runs laps around the perimeter as his Angel tank mates watch with passive indifference.

Beautiful and peaceful


These guys are really fun to watch, especially at feeding time. I've heard they'll eat fish small enough to fit in their mouths, but so far that hasn't been a problem (and I don't foresee it becoming one). I have a school of four, eventually to be seven once they're in stock locally again), in a 75g with cardinal tetras, an electric blue ram, otos, and bamboo shrimp. They never bother any of the other fish or shrimp. If you have a large enough tank, these guys are beautiful and get to a nice size without becoming aggressive.

Great Companions for African Cichlids


I saw these fish on sale last year and bought 14 to use as schooling fish in a 60 gal well planted tank with many medium sized African cichlids ( Neolamprologus leleupi, Tropheus moori, kenyi and varous Pseudotropheus) They did very well and I never had any aggression problems with the cichlids. The barbs can swim very quickly if needed and they did school nicely. They grew very quickly to a nice size and their coloring rivaled the cichlids too. The red lateral line is amazing. I recommend them highly. One note of warning they are very sensitive to water contaminates. I was using a topical steroid for a poison ivy rash and did not wash my hands throughly before I foolishly put my hands in the water. In a couple of days all but 4 had died. No other fish were affected.

Interesting beyond just having a specimen of the type


I have enjoyed these beautiful fish for the last couple of years. I have watched them grow from fingerlings to their now impressive size of four and a half inch specimens. They do extremely well when accompanied by several of their own species. (We have 8 in a 55 gallon planted aquarium) They can easily, because of their markings, sedate you with their darting from end to end and also lazily swimming and grubbing about. Beautiful fish that guests always find it easy to watch.