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Goldlined Rabbitfish - Siganus guttatus - Medium

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The Goldlined Rabbitfish (Siganus guttatus) has gold spots when young that lengthen into thin lines in adult fish. They also have a bright yellow spot between their tail and dorsal fin. They vary from the very similar Goldspotted Rabbitfish (Siganus punctatus) by having larger spots and lacking the yellow spots around their irises found in S. punctatus.

These fish are generally peaceful toward other fish but may be aggressive toward other Rabbitfish and Foxfaces. They are timid by nature and will frighten easily, often taking on a mottled stress coloration. They are reef safe with caution as they may nibble on coral polyps if they are not kept well fed.

Foxfaces and Rabbitfish are primarily herbivorous but may eat some meaty foods if green food is scarce. They need algae and other plant matter to remain healthy and do best on a diet consisting of live and dried algae and supplements of frozen meaty foods. These fish are excellent algae eaters for aquariums large enough to accommodate them.

Foxfaces and Rabbitfish have venomous dorsal and anal spines. These spines are used for defense and protection. They do not use their spines to attack or hunt, and most injuries occur when the aquarist bumps against the spines or is not careful while cleaning the tank or catching the fish.
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Common NameGoldlined Rabbitfish - Medium
Scientific NameSiganus guttatus
VenomousYes (spines)
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