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Black Sun Polyp Coral - Tubastrea sp.

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Sun Polyp Coral get its name from the sun-like shape of their polyps when extended for feeding. Most are bright orange or yellow color but more rare green-black or white forms are also sometimes found. Colonies are usually dome-shaped. 

These corals lack zooxanthellae, thus they require frequent feeding for nutrition. They open at night, and must be fed while their tentacles are expanded. With time, some Sun Corals may become acclimated to feeding during the day. Crushed brine shrimp, mysis shrimp or Cyclopeeze are possible food types that can be used and should be target-fed in lowered flow to give the corals a chance to feed.

Place these corals out of direct light, low in the tank or under a ledge. Too much lighting can allow nuisance algae to grow on the coral and prevent it from feeding. Water flow should generally be moderate to high, except while feeding. A net or cup can be placed over the coral to help contact the food if the flow cannot be changed during target-feeding.
Common NameBlack Sun Polyp Coral
Scientific NameTubastrea sp.

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