Green Spotted Puffer - Tetraodon nigroviridis - Small

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The Green Spotted Puffer is a green to yellow fish with dark spots and a white belly. The fins are rounded and transparent. The head is broad with large protruding eyes.

Green Spotted Puffers are generally found in freshwater and brackish coastal areas. In the aquarium, puffers do best in brackish water. Though Green Spotted Puffers are generally peaceful as juveniles, they become aggressive and territorial as they mature. Spotted Puffers are particularly aggressive toward their own kind and similar species, even at a young age.

Due to their aggressive nature as adults, Spotted Puffers are best kept alone or in pairs. If kept with other fish, choose only hardy tankmates of similar size, and be sure to provide a large enough aquarium for each fish to maintain an adequate territory.

Puffers will eat a variety of foods, though most will not accept flake or pellet. Try freeze-dried plankton, frozen brine, krill, or other shrimp, and live snails. The shells of the snails help to keep the puffer's sharp "beak"-like teeth from overgrowing.


Common NameGreen Spotted Puffer - Small
Scientific NameTetraodon nigroviridis
OriginSoutheast Asia
Specific Gravity Range1.005-1.015
Max Size (in inches)6.5
Community SafeNo
pH Range7.0-8.0
Min Tank Size (in gallons)45
Temperature Range72-80

State Restrictions
Armed Forces Americas
Armed Forces Europe
Armed Forces Pacific
Puerto Rico


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Puffers make for good entertainment!


I bought two of these puffers from this store and have had them now for over 4 years! They are very cool and are very entertaining! One thing they are little piggies! Get one or two and have some fun watching them!

Puffer Fun


I've had many fish, but the puffers are so animated and lively.They are very curious and enjoy a well decorated tank. Definitely my fav fish of all the varieties.A true joy to have!

GSP Warning!!


I have a Walmart impulse buy GSP, sold as freshwater, just a fry only about a half inch, the owner had already lost one and this guy was heading downhill quickly- black belly, spots whitening, tail curled sitting at the bottom of the tank. I have him in full marine, as adults they are better off in full marine (for both owner and fish). Mine is about 4 inches and I've had him for almost a year now. I've owned over 30 species of fish and many different aquarium critters and this guy is on my favorite list, at the top, actually. Just make sure to do some research on this guy before you buy one so you are FULLY prepared to take care of them properly...

I love this little guy!!!!!


I bought one from there store. I have him with 3 other mollys. He is very fun to watch. He looks so cute even when he is eating violently. I like to feed him snails, ghost shrimp, frozen brine shrimp, and mussels. I named him chubbs because they get fat looking after they eat, plus I when picked him he was the biggest one out off all of them.



He arrived with a black belly and almost no green. I bought him for two sweet children I love dearly. Spent quite a while cycling the aquarium and checking PH/Nitrate/Nitrite at home and local stores. It had nothing to do with our water quality. A 400 dollar system dedicated for this one fish. A day after arrival we found he had Ich. Treated him exactly as we could given he is scaleless and can be easily hurt by medications. My children ended up with broken hearts watching this fish die slowly and unable to recover. Buyer beware of ordering from here. I didn't mind the extra 35 dollar overnight fee until I realized the company will not waive the fee when the mail ill half dead fish to mail a new healthy fish. Im sure these fish are lovely when healthy and could make great pets but when you mail people black and brown fish with Ich and call them spotted puffers it is pretty sad. I am sorry to my children and the fish.

Very friendly fish with great personalities.


I purchased two of these fish and they both are very friendly and have wonderful personalities. One thing to remember when purchasing any kind of puffer is they require more care than most other fish and are very messy eaters. Plus since they are wild caught (in most cases) they can have parasites. One of my puffers came with parasites which I am currently treating; would recommend treating right away with new fish to make sure.