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Red Jungle Val - Vallisneria americana var.

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Red Jungle Val is a variant of Vallisneria americana but is also known as V. 'gigantea marmor ' or V. 'gigantea rubra'. It has wide, straight leaves that have a dark red tint, especially under high light. These leaves grow very long, making this an ideal background plant.

Vallisneria plants, commonly referred to as "Val's", are grass-like plants that can grow very tall in the aquarium. The leaves are very flexible and rather than growing out of the water, leaves longer than the height of the aquarium will typically float on the surface. They can be pruned by trimming the ends of the leaves. There are many variations among the ten recognized species of Vallisneria, most of which are popular and common plants for aquariums. There is a great deal of variation within many Vallisneria species and many species and variations share common names, depending on the source, leading to some confusion among hobbyists.

When planting Val's, only plant the roots in the substrate. The white base of the plant (the "crown") should be left exposed above the substrate. Also avoid pushing pieces of substrate between the leaves of the plant at the base. Val's will usually spread by sending out runners from the roots in the aquarium. Most Val's will thrive best in moderate to high lighting and in softer water. A nutrient-rich gravel will help provide the nutrition the plants need. Leaves may become weak and develop holes or tears if stressed or if not provided with sufficient nutrients but will usually recover with time.


That Fish Place
Common NameRed Jungle Val
Scientific NameVallisneria americana var.
Plant pH6.0-7.5
Growth RateModerate to Fast
Light IntensityModerate to High
Water HardnessSoft to Moderate
Temperature Range72-80
FlowersEmerged: white
DifficultyEasy to Moderate
Internal Id

State Restrictions
Armed Forces Americas
Armed Forces Europe
Armed Forces Pacific
Puerto Rico


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This jungle val. is like all vallisneria no matter the supplier. It comes with thread algae on it, then goes through a die-off (melt), then returns to be a beautiful plant. Too many people throw it out before allowing the whole process to cycle.