Pond Aerators


Thatpetplace.com offers pond aerators ideal for backyard pond and water garden applications. You will also find a wide selection of pond aerator accessories, tubing, air stones and other pond supplies. The information below provides an overview of pond aerators and applications to help you choose the right make and model for your backyard pond.

Selecting An Aerator

Pond aerators can be used to provide additional oxygen for fish and other pond inhabitants, provide water movement or simply enhance your pond with bubbles. Pond aerators are especially effective during hot summer months when oxygen demands are high due to active fish, and oxygen supply can be low due to warm water temperatures. Pond aerators can also provide a safeguard against filtration system failure, providing oxygen and water movement if your pond pump stops running when you are not home. Regardless of the reason for needing a pond aerator, it is important to select the correct model to ensure you achieve the desired result.

There are two factors involved in choosing the correct pond aerator, the size of the air stone or air operated device the aerator will be connected to and the depth of the water that the air stone or device will be operating in. A small, single air stone does not require a large aerator unless the stone is in a very deep pond. Large air stones or diffusers will require larger pond aerators. ThatFishPlace.com offers pond aerators for most backyard pond and water gardens, and often include gang valves that allow one aerator to be used to operate a number of air stones or diffusers. Many of the aerators feature replaceable air filters, specially designed feet and housings to reduce noise and low power consumption motors.

Operating Tips

Pond aerators can provide many years of reliable service if cared for properly. No pond aerator should be installed without a check valve. In the event of a power outage these specially designed valves prevent water from siphoning back into your pond aerator which can damage the motor or other electrical components. Even though most pond aerators are designed for outdoor use, placement of your pond aerator pump can greatly affect the performance and life of the unit. Try to expose your pump to a minimal amount of dust and debris to help safeguard internal parts. It is also important to make sure that your pump is never subject to flooding or standing water, these are electrical devices and can be dangerous if improperly placed.