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Conditional Livestock Guarantee Policy

That Fish Place strives to supply the aquarium community with the finest quality aquatic livestock available. For this reason we offer all our customers a limited 14-Day Guarantee on all fish, invertebrates and live plant purchases made through our mailorder service. The only items that are not covered by our livestock guarantee policy are listed on our Restricted Species List. In the unfortunate event of any loss, That Fish Place will refund the full purchase price of any animals lost during the guarantee period.

• This guarantee does not cover any shipping or handling charges; these charges are not refundable.
• The guarantee is void unless That Fish Place Acclimation Procedures are strictly followed.
• Guarantee does not cover species listed in our Restricted Species list.
• If replacement of a lost animal is preferred to a refund, the customer is responsible for shipping costs on the replacement stock. Replacement livestock is not covered under this policy. Any losses of replacement animals are the responsibility of the customer.
• Guarantee is valid for fourteen (14) days only. We must be notified of any losses within this time period.


In the unlikely event that you suffer a loss during transit or within our 14-day guarantee period, please notify us immediately upon confirming a loss. That Fish Place requires verification of loss to process claims. Do not discard any lost livestock without contacting us and receiving authorization to do so. Remains may be frozen until you receive further instruction.

• Any losses should be clearly photographed on a dry, flat surface with a digital camera. Email your photos and order number to livefish@thatpetplace.com.
• If you do not have access to a digital camera or email, you may be required to mail any lost specimens back to That Fish Place via US Mail. Please ensure that all specimens are properly and completely sealed inside a plastic bag within a mailing envelope. To limit decomposition, please put enough table salt inside the bag to completely coat the remains. Your name and shipping address should be clearly printed on the envelope.
• If you suffer a loss after the acclimation period and your loss occurs outside of our normal office hours, simply make sure that your loss is promptly reported via e-mail. The date appearing on your loss notification e-mail will validate your compliance with our guarantee policy.
Claims will not be honored if you have not contacted us during the 14-day guarantee period. This period starts when your package is delivered.

Terms & Conditions

• Live shipments must be received immediately upon delivery by our courier. If you are not home to receive your shipment on its first delivery attempt, this guarantee is void.
• You must accept shipments sent to you under any and all circumstances. Any refused shipment will disqualify you from any future livestock purchases from That Fish Place. Additionally, you will be held responsible for costs of the refused shipment. If there is any damage noted to the exterior of a delivered package, immediately report the damage to the delivery person, and open the package while the courier is there to take note. Failure to report damage at the time of delivery may void this guarantee. That Fish Place will handle all delay and/or damage claims directly with the courier company.
• Specimens must not exhibit signs of physical trauma, such as torn fins, scratches or bite marks.
• All animals received must be acclimated properly according to That Fish Place Acclimation Procedures. Even if an animal appears deceased, you must attempt to acclimate it. Stress caused by shipping can often cause many animals to appear to be lifeless in their bags, but they may be revived by proper acclimation techniques.
•Your tank must be established and in good condition. Your water quality should meet That Fish Place standards:
Ammonia: 0 ppm
Nitrites: 0 ppm
Nitrates: 30 ppm
pH: Specific to livestock purchased (see item's webpage for details)
Specific Gravity: Specific to livestock purchased (see item's webpage for details)

Tips for New Livestock

• That Fish Place highly recommends the use of a quarantine tank for all new purchases. We choose the healthiest possible livestock for our customers, and we manage our holding systems in an effort to prevent disease. Stresses of shipping fish, and introducing them into new environments, puts a heavy strain on any live animals immune system, and problems can occur despite our best efforts and yours.
• Leave the lights off in your tank after you have introduced your new animal. This reduces stress in your new animal, and may reduce aggression toward your new fish by established inhabitants.

Live Plant Guarantee

Live plants from That Fish Place are also covered under our limited Arrive Alive 14-Day Quality Guarantee. Our plants are guaranteed to arrive alive, ready to plant in your aquarium or pond, and survive for at least 14 days. No acclimation is necessary for aquarium or pond plants; however, it is recommended that the plants be inspected upon arrival and gently rinsed to remove unwanted debris.
• In the unlikely event that any item in your live plant order arrives dead or dies within 14 days after arrival, please follow the Claims procedures as described above. No claims will be honored if you have not contacted us within the guarantee period.
Live plants are not guaranteed to be snail-free**. We do our best to visually inspect all plants prior to purchase and remove any snails we see but we cannot guarantee that snails will not be introduced with your new plants. For tips on removing nuisance snails, please contact our associates or visit our article, Dipping Plants to Eliminate Snails.
• **Exception: The "Tropica 1-2-Grow!" plant line IS guaranteed by the Tropica brand to be snail-free and pest-free. These plants are tissue-culture plants and arrived sealed in individual cups.

Restricted Species

Animals on this list are either very difficult to keep in the home aquarium or are highly susceptible to loss during transportation. Beginner level aquarists, or aquarists with aquariums less than 6 months old, should not purchase any of the species on this list. No credit or refunds will be offered on restricted items on this list under any circumstances.

• Any items not covered by our Guarantee Policy are labeled with a yellow sticker on the tank and are listed on signs in the Fish Room. A full Restricted Species list is available on our web site.
• Restricted items include but are not limited to all anemones, shrimp, starfish, nudibranchs, cucumbers, sponges, feather dusters, and select fish and corals. Customers requesting any of these animals waive any responsibility on the part of That Fish Place for dead arrivals or animal losses normally covered within our 14-day replacement period for unrestricted species.
• We are also not responsible for the existing fish in your aquarium or for fish sold as "starter fish" for new aquariums. Guarantee does not cover fish purchased for new aquariums (less than 6 weeks old).
• Management reserves the right to exclude any items from the guarantee policy at any time.

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