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Fish Room



Monday – Friday: 10am - 9pm  |   Saturday: 9am - 9pm   |   Sunday: 10am - 6pm

Our fish room is bursting with beautiful, exotic fish ready to brighten your home aquarium. You’ll find over 500 species of tropical marine & freshwater fish & invertebrates, hundreds of exotic corals & coral frags & a huge variety of lush aquarium plants.

Free Aquarium Water Testing:
Experiencing water quality issues in your fish tank? We want you to have a healthy tank & our Fish Room experts are here to help! Bring a 6 to 8 oz. sample of clean water from your aquarium to our Fish Room. Please note, your water sample must be free of fish & debris for an accurate test result.

In our Fish Room, we run a standard set of tests for most aquariums. This includes ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, salinity, and pH. We also have advanced tests available such as kH, general hardness, phosphate, calcium, and copper. Our staff will review the results with you & discuss solutions & advice for adjusting your parameters to optimal levels & maintaining your water quality!

Fish Room Fun Facts

The custom systems in the fish room hold more than 35,000 gallons and incorporate hundreds of glass tanks and acrylic cubicles to best display and hold the animals. Each system is maintained with state-of-the-art filtration. We keep our tanks clean and healthy by incorporating UV sterilizers, computer-controlled ozonizers, and massive, self-cleaning protein skimmers. Our impressive 20 foot custom acrylic coral tray gets the tropical light it needs from cutting edge lighting from EcoTech. Our on-staff marine biologists maintain and monitor these systems, and we do everything we can to insure our fish and other aquatic life have the healthiest, most comfortable stay possible.

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Aquatic Livestock

Quality & health of our aquatic inhabitants is our primary concern, which is why most of our selection comes with a 14-day guarantee. We want you to have success, and we’re here to make sure you do!

Questions about the livestock we have available? Call 717-299-5691 ext. 1213 to reach our Fish Room today!