Floating Betta Log - 3 in.

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Manufacturer: Zoo Med
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Natural-like log is the perfect way to reduce boredom for bettas. Adds a place to hide, spawn or build a bubble-nest. Includes a top feeding hole. For use with betta bowls 2 gallons or more.

Measures 3 in. in diameter.

For more information, read our Betta Care Guide!


Zoo Med
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Instructions: Remove from package and rinse in warm water. Gently place your Floating Betta Log in your betta's home (minimum 2 gallon container size, otherwise it will not fit). It may take your betta a day or two to get used to his new Floating Betta Log. Placing his food in the top 'feeding hole' will encourage him to use the log.

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My betta loves it.


My Male Betta loved resting and swimming int this. My tetras also loved swimming through it when the Betta isn't in it.
Great item for shy to hide, or labrynth fish to rest in or on.

A must have for Betta owners


My Betta loves this log. Within minutes of adding it to the tank. he claimed it as his own. He sleeps in it and perches there to get a get view of things. Half the time when I glance in his tank, there he is peeking out and just chilling.

Great Betta Buy


My Betta took a few minutes to get used to the idea, but then I dropped a few food pellets into the feeding hole and now it's his favorite hangout!

a staple in all my betta tanks


i currently have four 20 gallon Betta community tanks up and running. they are all themed differently, but the only thing that makes them similiar is the fact i have this floating log in all of them. my Bettas love to just hangout in it or rest their weary little fins. when im looking for any of my Bettas, i look inside the log first because that's where they are usually at.

Gotta Have It !


My betta loves his log. It is his go to place. Of all the things in his cave that he can hide in or go through, this is his most popular place. I wanted to get my betta a "toy" for his tank. This is the closest to a toy for a fish that you can get. He spends so much time in it or going through it. It should be a staple for any tank.



I got three of their products and tried two of them. BOTH of them got MOLDY and GROSS. I did't even try the third product because it was likely going to get MOLDY and GROSS. Please look some where else for your fish's sake.

Good for Sick bettas as well as Healthy bettas


My new betta bought had a case of bad swim bladder. It was at the point where it made it very difficult to swim up and get air because he was sinking. So my betta managed to get into the betta log and use that to get air very easily. so that log made it so he didnt end up drowning from exhaustion