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Floating Thermometer - Economy

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Small Floating Thermometer floats in your aquarium or suctions to the side of your aquarium. Floating Water thermometer effectively reads from 20 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit.


4.5 in. L x .5 in. diameter.

Not for turtles


my red eared sliders try to eat it. fine thermometer though.

Not Recommended


The numbers are very small and the suction cup stopped working after a month. Having a range from 20 to 120 degrees F is unnecessary. The numbers could have been larger.

Floating Thernometer


I like these thermometers best



This thermometer is both inexpensive and accurate - exactly what I wanted. Digital thermometers need such frequent battery changes that I will no longer use them. So, it's back to basics, and this one is both inexpensive and accurate. True, the EXACT temperature may be a bit hard to read, but I really do not care if the water is 77 degrees versus 78 degrees. The "green zone" tells me what I need to know. I highly recommend this thermometer.

Seems to work, but hard to read


Seems to work but its hard to read because the lines are very bunched up and small. I replaced it with one easier to read from petsmart.

Its a little small


But that's what I like about it. It works great!

Penn Plax thermometer


This thermometer rocks. That lady below me doesn't know what she's talking about. It works perfectly for my 10 gallon. Love it!

You get what you pay for...


this is a working thermometer...but it is tiny with tiny numbers. Should have ordered a higher price one with readable printing!