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Flora Sun Plant Growth T8 Fluorescent Lamp - 32W - 5000K - 48 in.

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Maximize the biological processes of your plants with Flora Sun Max Plant Growth Fluorescent Bulb! This 5000K high intensity bulb offers peak emissions in the blue and red regions of the spectrum to maximize photobiological processes in plants. Ideal for planted aquariums, terrariums, as well as marine reef aquariums, this excellent lamp promotes healthy plants and fish while enhancing their natural colors. Long-lasting power for up to 10,000 hours.

For more information, please read our article on Fluorescent Aquarium Lighting Basics.


Zoo Med
Length48 in.
Max Wattage32
Diameter1 in.
Kelvin Rating5000K
Base TypeBi-Pin
Warranty1 year
Internal Id

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Zoo Med Reliabilty


A good, dependable light. Have to be careful with this light though. In a lightly planted tank or overpopulated tank with high phosphate levels this light can lead to unwanted algae growth if left on too long

Missing vital data


Vital data missing: How bright the Lumens?
<br>Given a 48" long tank, 24" deep and 18" wide, how many Lux?
<br>"How many watts" tells us nothing about the quantity of light.