Electric Green GloFish Tetra - Gymnocorymbus ternetzi

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The GloFish Tetra is the latest selective-breeding development from the aquaculturists that bred the popular GloFish Danio, a variant of the Zebra Danio (Danio rerio). The genes of this tetra have been altered with the genes of certain anemones, corals or jellyfish that features the illuminescence, giving the tetra a bright, permanent neon hue that is much safer to the fish than the outdated methods of dyeing or color-injecting fish. The original Electric Green GloFish Tetras are bright neon yellow-green in color; two new colors - Moonrise Pink and Sunburst Orange - were released in May 2013 and the Galactic Purple GloFish Tetra was released in November 2013. Two more colors - Starfire Red and Cosmic Blue were released in September 2014.

GloFish Tetras were created from the popular White Skirt Tetra, (Gymnocorymbus ternetzi). They are a schooling type of fish that generally need a group of at least 3 to be more comfortable in a home aquarium. As they reach a size that is a little larger than the other tetras, tankmates should be chosen accordingly. Smaller fish may be chased or nipped at if housed with these fish in a small aquarium. The will accept most flake and pellet food and should be fed once a day with a variety of these foods to help them keep a healthy immune system. All in all they are a very hardy aquarium fish and are excellent for beginners who are just learning about keeping aquariums.

The glowing coloration of the GloFish Tetra will not fade or change - it is within their genetic structure and will actually be passed on to their offspring should they spawn. To see them "glow" at their best, keep under blue "actinic" lighting. The colors will be bright under white lighting but will not "glow" as brightly.

Photos and video courtesy of http://www.glofish.com


That Fish Place
Common NameElectric Green GloFish Tetra
Scientific NameGymnocorymbus ternetzi
Max Size (in inches)2
Community SafeYes
pH Range6.5-7.5
Min Tank Size (in gallons)20
Temperature Range75-80
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State Restrictions
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Puerto Rico


Very Obviously Dyed Fish


Dyeing fish is cruel. I would never buy this fish, as it has been subjected to cruel dyeing! There are plenty of much more beautiful tetras out there that dyeing them is copletely unneccesary.

NOT dyed


These fish are NOT dyed. Coloring is genetic like that of a zebra glofish. It will not fade like the color of a dyed fish will.

get that facts


They are 100% NOT DYED. They are unatural however due to them being genetically modified.

nice color


that's a cool green color they have

Obviosly NOT dyed


Can't you see the eyes! NOT dyed!

Um Sir


Theses fish are not dyed Sir.

easy care


Very easy to care for & gets along with others

What do they eat??


What do they eat? I am wanting to get one, but I can't, until I find out what food is right for them

<i>That Fish Place: Electric Green Glo Tetras can eat any of the various Freshwater Tropical Flake foods that we carry. Thanks!</i>

Great addition to my fish tank


The green color adds so much to my aquarium. They came in great shape and have adapted well.



i have 3 of these guys and 2 of the purple ones and it seems like one of these were cloned ..i don't like that they were genetically engineered tho my 2 purple ones and some have personality .. I'm iffy about having them..had them for 2 months

Can these fish survive in a beta tank, one w/I filter


My daughters fish passed away and my husband wanted to mend the issue with the girls and bought them new fish but I'm uncertain if we have the right home for them. So far they have been in the tank for two days without a filter and seem to be fine but would like to know more.<BR>
<b><i>That Fish Place: Hi Lisa, thanks for commenting. A few questions: How many GloFish do you have? How many gallons is your betta tank? If you have 2 or more fish and the tank is 2 gallons or below, it is going to be hard to keep the fish happy and healthy--especially without a filter. Long term, we would recommend getting the GloFish into something more like a 5.5 gallon aquarium or higher with a filter, especially if you would consider getting more fish in the future. Hope that helps, please let us know if you have any more questions. Thanks!</i></b>

Betta and glofish



I have a 36 gallons tank, can I have a betta as a tank mate with these glofish?<BR>
<b><i>That Fish Place: Hi Derrick, thanks for reaching out. It does depend on the temperament of the fish involved. In broad terms, that is probably a big enough tank to give each fish some space that they could co-exist. We would make sure to include plants and some hiding spots to be sure. But please do keep in mind that if you have a more agressive betta it might become an issue. We would also have a back up plan in mind in case they do not work well, allowing you to have a spot for either of the fish if they have to be separated. Thanks!</i></b>