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Goldspotted Snake Eel - Myrichthys ocellatus

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Snake eels are generally skinnier in body shape and more like their reptilian counterparts than the Moray Eels more common in the aquarium trade. They are less common and more difficult than most morays and can be difficult to feed. Snake Eels are carnivores and should be fed meaty foods like small fish, shrimp, crabs and similar items. They can be difficult to wean onto frozen or prepared foods and may only eat live items. These eels also need a deep sand bed and open areas as they spend much of their time buried in the substrate with only their head uncovered. They do not actively harm or eat corals but can be hazardous in reef tanks as their size and activity can topple or collapse some structures. They can be easily harassed or intimidated by some more aggressive fish; choose tankmates carefully.

While eels are not venomous, their mouths are full of bacteria and bites can get easily infected; avoid hand-feeding eels and be aware of the eel's location and behavior at all times. The teeth of most eels are curved and quickly pulling away once bit can cause the bite to be worsened; most eels bite out of defense and curiosity and will usually let go quickly. The tank should be covered tightly at all times since eels are prone to escaping from aquariums, especially if threatened. Weights or tank lid locks can be necessary for larger eels that might be able to knock the lid open.

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Common NameGoldspotted Snake Eel
Scientific NameMyrichthys ocellatus
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