Marineland Contour Desktop Kit - 3 gal

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Manufacturer: Marineland
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Marineland's Contour Desktop Kit is the perfect aquarium habitat for your home or office. Conveniently sized for small spaces, the sleek and stylish kit comes with a 3 gallon aquarium and complete lighting and filtration assemblies. The glass aquarium also features smooth rounded edges and a sturdy platform stand.

The advanced 3-stage filtration features chemical, mechanical and biological filtration to ensure a healthy aquarium environment and to keep your water crystal clear. The filtration includes a filter cartridge with polyester floss and carbon to remove waste, dissolved organics, odors and discoloration. A Bio-Foam sponge is also included to provide surface area for the growth of beneficial biological bacteria, which helps eliminate toxic ammonia and nitrite. The complete filtration assembly is hidden behind the back of the aquarium so you can enjoy the full aquarium with no distractions.

The lighting features 6 white and 6 blue long-lasting LEDs that create a colorful and shimmering effect in your aquarium water. The lighting system also includes a 3-way switch that allows you to use white and blue LEDs together for daytime effect and blue-only for an attractive moonlighting night time glow. Light stand is hinged to allow for easy access to your aquarium.

The Contour 3 measures 9.63 in. x 9.63 in. x 14 in. and uses a Marineland Rite-Size Z Replacement Filter Cartridge.


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Marineland tank.


I bought this tank for my Beta and he can't even stay up-right. I would not recommend this tank for that reason. It looks very nice, but not good for my fish.

ignore the last review


Clearly this person doesn't know how to set up a fish tank. MARINELAND products are the best out there. Although i havnt owned this fish tank yet, i am planning on it. I am experienced in fish care and own a few saltwater fish tanks (hard to take care of). Personally, i have only bought Marineland products because they are like Toyota vehicles and last you forever. Make sure with small tanks, like this one, you give it a week to run with some water from the fish store (bacteria is a key element in owning a fish tank). The beta that this guy owned had float bladder problems. Betas are known to only ever need water and algae to survive (dont do this though because its like dogfood to humans and they dont like it). Betas can also breathe air instead of filtering it through their gills. Chlorine is the culprit here and eventually killed his fish. Either get a tap conditioner or a Britta Filter to get rid of chlorine. other than that, this fish tank is an amazing starter tank. i also suggest planting (aquaculture) this aquarium as it has adequate lighting for plants to grow and thrive. Also this is an amazing price for this kind of fish tank and remember to always buy Marineland. "Good Luck"

Beautiful and functional


This tank design is a breakthrough--very aesthetically pleasing and healthy for my fish. Moonlight and daylight. Cover retracts easily to feed them, but also fits completely over the top, so the tank has less evaporation and stays cleaner.