Marineland Perfecto Glass Canopy - 36 in. x 18 in.

SKU: 245172
Manufacturer: Marineland
MPN: 666872

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Perfecto Canopies are the economical, yet stylish way to top off your aquarium and prevent water splash. Keeps your fish in and other pets out! With a polypropylene hinge for easy access to your tank, as well as a plastic back strip that can be cut for heaters, filters, etc., these canopies provide protection for your fish while allowing you to customize your lighting setup. Long-lasting performance, made to fit all Perfecto Aquariums.

Glass top is designed for use with 40 gallon breeder Perfecto aquariums. Not guaranteed to fit other brands of aquariums. Please check dimensions to determine compatibility with your aquarium.

The 36 in. x 18 in. Marineland Perfecto Glass canopy measures 34.75 in. x 16.75 in.

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Warranty90 day Warranty
Max Tank Size40 gal.
Length34.75 in.
Width16.75 in.
Internal Id

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I have an older 65 gallon


I have a 65 gallon tank with no center divider, this glass top fits perfectly! Great packing and arrived in terrific shape! Thanks to the staff of that fish place! !00% satisfaction!

Nice canopy


Fit quite well on my 40 gallon brreder tank. fast shipping, too!



I have tried and tried to order this piece from other companies-but it always arrived broken.

This company heard my concerns and promptly had an aquarium cover delivered to me-in one piece!!

It was perfectly packaged and the delivery was quick.

I have never dealt with a better Customer Service Dept. THEY ARE THE BEST!!!

Good product


Fits well on my 40 gallon tank, and it is solidly built.

Perfect fit


fits perfectly on my 40 gallon breeder. Good description with exact measurements of glass, so you know it will fit. Packing was done very good so there was no chance of glass breaking. This is a great company to deal with great customer service too.

Arrived Broken, TWICE


I was excited when I found this Marineland canopy because the Aqueon brand canopy Petco carries didn’t fit my tank. When the first canopy arrived from TPP, there was no “fragile” stamp/marking on the outside of the box. As soon as I picked the box up I could hear pieces moving around inside…not a good sign! When I opened it up the back section of the glass canopy was cracked and there were pieces of glass floating around in the box. I called TPP customer service and was informed they were now out of stock of that size canopy and I would have to wait until more came in. I decided to wait for the replacement instead of getting a refund. I was supposed to get another shipping conformation e-mail for the second top, but never did. The second canopy showed up at my door about a week later, again with no “fragile” stamp/marking. I crossed my fingers and carried the box inside and opened it up. This time there weren’t pieces of glass inside, but one large piece of glass that had broken off from the back part of the canopy! TPP did refund me my money right away after the 2nd broken top, but I was still left without a canopy. In the end, I was able to find a local glass shop that cut a glass piece to the exact size of the broken one…and it fit perfect! I wouldn’t recommend having this product shipped, especially if you are close enough to pick it up at the store.



I had been searching for a glass canopy for my 40 gallon breeder tank for a long time without any success until I came to this website. The price was more affordable compare to Amazon. When my order arrived the first time the canopy was broken. I immediately call in for a replacement and the representative who handle my call was very nice to me and had a replacement sent to me the next day. Thankfully it arrived undamaged which was awesome as I really needed it. The canopy fits perfectly. I am so glad with the product.

Perfect fit, despite shipping.


This fit my 40 gallon breeder perfect, It just took a few tries to get a canopy that was not broken. First one came shattered, but upon contacting customer service a new one was shipped out that same day. Unfortunately the replacement came cracked, but I needed the canopy as no other store could compete with the price. a second replacement came (no hesitation to ship a new one) and this one intact. Hats off to their customer service in making sure you get your product.

Perfect Fit


This item will fit the tetra branded 40B that is sold through petco the 40b lid that they had was too wide as it was a different manufacture. This fits perfect. Mind you that it is probably faster to walk from WA state to PA than to pick up this item in person that is to deal with the method of shipping they ship it.

Fits great and shipping was best I've ever seen


Ordered this April 29th, received it May 2nd. I was nervous from the other reviews (broken/shattered) but I am very happy. This was boxed in a large box and centered with 3-4 inches of bubble wrap. That is the best job I've EVER seen in protection wrapping....and I have ordered a LOT from Amazon and other places. Fits my 40 breeder exactly. Will order from you guys again.



This fits my 40 breeder tank perfect. Arrived in a nice big box which allowed them to bubble wrap it very well. It was not broken when it arrived. Very pleased!

Great packaging; great experience with this order.


When I first got my 40b 5 years ago, (Tetra,thru Petco) it was my LFS that came through with the proper Perfecto top as the Versa/All Glass tops do not fit this tank. When the hinge split down the middle recently, my LFS was unable to get this. He found only the 2 piece top on his distributor's lists. I was concerned having it shipped, but That Fish Place came through brilliantly. There was sooo much bubble wrap around the box within the box. I am very pleased with the care taken in packaging this item. It arrived today, just 4 days after my order, in perfect condition - no cracks, no chips - and as expected, fits my tank perfectly.
Thanks to That Fish Place/That Pet Place.

Fits my 40 gallon breeder!


WOOHOO! It fits! It fits! I am not sure what brand my 40g breeder tank is. I purchase it about 9 years ago from Petco. I purchased the Aqueon canopy from them recently and it does NOT fit. It is too wide. The only negative is the plastic strip being impossible to get on. This particular brand has an impossible plastic strip. I tried everything to get it on. I tried stretching the channel with a screwdriver. Nope. Forget about it. I laid the strip across the back of the canopy to cover the gap. No big deal. They turn yellow after a few years anyway.

Finally a cover that fits


I have an older 65 gallon tank with no center divider. After trying several glass lids from local stores, I finally had one store tell me the Perfecto lid was slightly smaller and should work on my tank. This was the only place that had it, and I was concerned that it would break during shipping but decided to try anyway. It was packed SO WELL and fit perfectly. Thank you so much!