Neoplex - .35 oz.

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Fish feeling under the weather? Neoplex is a broad spectrum antibiotic that will safely treat any kind of external bacterial or fungal infection for both fresh and saltwater fish. When used correctly, this medication won't discolor water or harm biological filtration. Neoplex is relatively safe with live plants and invertebrates, although extra caution should be taken with sensitive species. A fast and effective treatment that will have your fish feeling better in no time.


Package Size.35 oz.
Treatment ForBacterial & Fungal Infections
Invert SafeWith caution
Internal Id


Contains: neomycin sulfate.


Directions: Use 1 level measure (included) to every 8 L (2 gallons). Repeat once a week for up to three weeks until symptoms disappear. Do not use UV, ozone, or chemical filtration during use. Remove with carbon before turning on UV.

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Strong Medicine for Severe Infections


Unfortunately, our community's private water supply and predilection toward power outages has cause some awful bacterial outbreaks in my Amazon tank. Regardless of using generator or battery-powered air pumps, flexbacterium has caused massive trouble in my tank twice due to a loss of a biofilter. In one occasion, the outbreak was so bad that I had to use both gram negative and positive-staining antibiotics. In order to do this, I combined Neoplex and Kanaplex. These two antibiotics killed off the masive infection in the tank very well.

I only did not give five stars to this product because strong doses will kill your live plants. I lost all six of my Amazon sword plants and had to re-plant the tank.

If you are having a hard time with fish who appear to be being eaten alive by bacteria, use these two medicines. If your infection is not so bad, then tetracyline is just fine.

Both Kanaplex and Neoplex are fine to use with sensitive fish, such as the salt-sensitive corydoras.