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Penguin 100 Bio-Wheel Power Filter - Up to 20 gal.

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The Marineland Penguin 100 Power Filter features complete 3-stage aquarium filtration to keep your aquarium clear, clean, and healthy. The patented Marineland bio-wheel system provides oxygenated surface area for nitrifying bacteria, which keeps your aquarium totally free of harmful ammonia and nitrites. High flow rates maintain optimum water circulation and ensure proper bio-wheel rotation. The adjustable mid-level intake strainer allows you to take aquarium water from mid-tank for complete circulation.

The Penguin100 cover design and sealed motor reduces water noise while maintaining optimum oxygenation. The Penguin model 100 uses the handy Rite-Size A filtration media cartridges so choosing the correct replacement media is simple. Penguin filter cartridges take care of all mechanical and chemical filtration in your aquarium and are extremely easy to replace. For complete, easy aquarium filtration for your aquarium, nothing works like a Penguin filter. The Penguin 100 is rated for aquariums up to 20 gallons, and has a maximum flow rate of 100 gph.


Includes MediaRite Size A Filter Cartridge, Bio Wheel
Flow Rate100 gph
Power Cord Length6 ft.
Warranty3 year
UL ListedYes
Max Tank Size20 gal.
Length5 in.
Width5 in.
Height7.5 in.
Internal Id


Click here to download the manual from Marineland's website.

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Works, issue with losing prime


I've had 4 of these filters. Usually quiet, usually work like they should. Randomly, the filter loses prime even with the tank topped off. Doesn't run dry, just stops pumping once in a while. I think the impeller hangs up, again, for no apparent reason unless there's some small trash in the impeller magnet I can't see!

Works, once you get it setup properly, no adjustable flow.


Loved the Emperor Marineland filter I had on my 55 gallon. Decided to purchas ethis on for my 10 gallon. Fired the filter up and it took a good minute to prime properly and get the intake tube seated. The bio-wheel take a couple minutes to spin once it's wet enough to spin porperly. Once that is done, the filter is quite and works as advertised. You can only hear the trickle of the water from the filter past the Bio-wheel. Only thing I wish it had was an intake adjustment for slower flow. Take that into consideration before purchase. BTW: The AC 20 filter is adjustable.