Rolee Roller Bird Toy for Parrots

SKU: 212930
Manufacturer: JW Pet
MPN: 31023

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Spoil your bird with fantastic toys that stimulate and encourage your bird's natural curiosity and cleverness Fun colors and shapes for hours of avian enjoyment Non-toxic, bird-tough materials. This bird toy was designed to provide your parrot with stimulation and exercise. Helps prevent boredom and destructive behavior.
Made of 100% natural rubber.


JW Pet
Bird CompatibilitySmall & Medium Hookbills
Height4.5 in.
Width4.5 in.
Internal Id

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Rolee Roller Bird Toy


My Conjure loved this toy so much that when he ate it into shreds I got him another one. The last one I bought him turned into mushy rubber. I did not see what was happening to the toy so I left it in the cage. One day while I was cleaning the cage I took it out side the cage to wash it. The green sticky rubber was all over everything it touched. It was a nasty sticky rubber that would not dissolve when I washed with soap. I was so scared because my bird was chewing on it all day. He must have had that thick gooey rubber in his mouth and body.
I hope if you buy this toy you check it every day. Its got to be very bad for the pird.

Better ways to use this toy


I've bought several of these rubber toys and found that it's best not to use it as a toy by itself. Instead, stuff it with dry treats such as peanuts. Or fill it with shredded paper, etc. - a dry material that the bird will enjoy pulling out or trying to get to the middle of it. I don't think that it's a good toy for the bird to chew but it can be made into an ultra fun toy if you use your imagination when filling it. NOTE: the rubber gets gooey and sticky when wet. I remove it from the cage and soak in soapy water for a bit. Use a gentle sponge when washing because the rubber will begin to crumble if you're not careful. Air-dry the toy for many days, long after you "think" it's dry. The rubber then loses its gummy and sticky consistency and returns to its original state. Replace the toy after your bird begins to tear it up. I DO NOT recommend using this as a toy all by itself. Use your imagination, just as you must do with all of your bird's toys -- your bird will thank you for it!! P.S. - this is a very good price for the toy; it's much more if you buy it from a regular pet store. I REALLY LIKE THATPETPLACE and have been buying items for my pets from them since the early 1980s.