Giant Moss - Taxiphyllum sp. - Tissue Culture

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Moss is versatile and easy to play with. It will grow whether simply floating in the water column or anchored or tied to a solid surface. Many aquarists like to tie thin clusters of moss to rock or driftwood with string or fishing line to create interesting live decorations in their tanks. Mosses can also be trained to the floor of the tank, grabbing onto the substrate or anchored with a mesh frame to create a carpet-like effect. Very creative and patient growers even use mosses to create a green wall; a living background of moss. This is achieved using plastic mesh frameworks as well, but the mesh is anchored to the back glass of the tank and the moss grows through creating a vertical surface. These plants are rather opportunistic in fact, and they can grow onto practically any damp surface including glass, filters and other plants. However, avoid rapid changes to water parameter like pH or hardness which may cause rot or melting.

Once established you may need to prune and shape your moss to keep desired shapes and to prevent the moss from encroaching on other objects in the tank. Don’t be afraid to pluck away nice chunks, these plants are forgiving and tend to recover quickly under good conditions. Thin dense areas of growth to prevent dead spots underneath mounds, and be sure to gently jostle or even vacuum your moss with a small siphon to remove accumulations of dirt and waste from the fibrous fronds. You’ll have plenty of moss to use in other tanks or to share with other planted tank enthusiasts.

"Tissue Culture" plants are lab-grown. They are offered in sealed cup and are grown in an artificial media, usually gel-based. This media should be rinsed off before planting and the individual plants can be separated for individual planting and aquascaping. Tissue Culture plants are typically free from nuisances like snails and algae.


Common NameGiant Moss - TC
Scientific NameTaxiphyllum sp.
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