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VeggieMag Magnetic Holder for Sea Veggies Clip

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Magnetic VeggieMag accessory locks Sea Veggies Clip in place for easy underwater feedings. Designed for use with the Two Little Fishies Sea Veggies Clip, the VeggieMag replaces messy, unreliable suction cups and makes retrieval dry and easy at any depth.
Two Little Fishies
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Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews



World like a smaller clip & less of a magnet.

Fell apart with the first use


The magnet separated the first time I used it.
<br>The previous clip worked fine for several years so there must be a variable in the quality of this product. Feeling lucky?

I Like it


Lots of poor reviews but I have had no issues, it works great on my 3/8" thick glass, it is hard to move and keeps my kids from plying with it. I would recommend it to a friend.

Clip Replaced


I complained about the poor quality of this clip to customer service, and they replaced it immediately. The new one seemed more securely sealed, and has been in my tank now for a couple days without an issue. Not quite ready to rate it 5 stars yet, but is at least working as advertised now.

Poor Quality


This clip was in my tank for all of 5 minutes before the wet-side magnet separated from the housing & clip. Superglued them together again. 4 days later, same problem. Wouldn't buy again.