Whisper 60 Power Filter - Up to 60 gal.

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Manufacturer: Tetra
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Quiet, economical filtration performance of the classic Whisper Power Filter is great for freshwater or saltwater aquariums. Energy-efficient designs feature low-wattage motors and adjustable flow control.

Bio-Foam cultivates and maintains a bacterial bed for biological filtration, while classic, easy to replace Large Bio-Bag cartridges take care of chemical and mechanical filtration. Dual Bio-Bag design, Bio-Bags included.

Whisper 60 pumps 330 gph and is good for aquariums up to 60 gallons. Measures 13.5 in. x 4.5 in. x 7.5 in.

For more information about the Tetra Whisper 60 Power Filter, see the Manufacturer's Instruction manual.

For more info on Hang-on Power Filters, please see Power Aquarium Filter Basics.


Includes MediaLarge Bio Bag Cartridge (x2)
Flow Rate330 gph
Power Cord Length6 ft.
Warranty2 year Warranty
UL ListedYes
Max Tank Size60 gal.
Length13.5 in.
Width5 in.
Height7.5 in.
Internal Id


Click here to download the instruction manual from Tetra's website.

Tetra Whisper Power Filter 60


My first Tetra filter!!! Just bought this a week ago, and letting it cycle. It's a bang for your buck. The design is very nice and the intake tube is much bigger than I imagined which is nice. The model on the box looks better than the one inside which is funny, but anyway I've got one. The extra extension tubes are great, and the carbon is already in the Bio-bags. Bio-foam is also very soft and fits nice in the grid. Once those two medias are in you can also put in one more filter pad behind the Bio-bag, but I haven't tried it yet. So, far it works really well, except there is this low buzzing sound. It's not whisper quiet but, it's what you would hear in a bathroom with the little air sucking thing located on the top of the bathroom. Anyway, I'm seeing if I can get the low buzzing noise to stop, if not I'll contact someone for help. I'd really recommend this product for someone who wants an affordable filter that is reliable for anyone.

my 60 came with a 55gal. tank i bought.


i already had used the emperor/penguin single and double bio-wheel filters in my other tanks with great success. so with this whisper 60 i was able to compare the two...the only differnce i really could see was that the whisper was a bit more quiet. but if you don't mind the sound of a babbling brook inside your home, both are great filters. i've ran them for years with no maintenance other than changing the filter pads when clogged and once i changed the bio-wheels on the oldest peguin/emperor. once or twice a year i will also wipe and rinse clean the inside of the entire box on the back of the tank.

Almost as quiet as a whisper-Works Too!


I purchased this for my 55gal tank to work along with my undergravel filter; there isn't such a thing as too much filtration. Besides, if something goes wrong with the undergravel one, I have this as backup, which is why I really bought it in the first place.
For its size, I was expecting noisy. I have a Whisper junior and a Whisper 20, which are silent running and was hoping this one was too. Well...so is this one. And this one uses the same filters as the Whisper 20, so less stuff to buy. No regrets here. It has adustable water flow knob and a cover to cut down on evaporation;that was one problem I have with the Whisper Junior-purchased in 1999 and still working-that filter lacks the flow control and cover.
If you're looking for a quiet, efficient filter that hangs nicely on the back of your tank without taking up too much space back there, I highly recommend this one. I left just four inches of space behind my tank. It fits and has room behind it.With only one moving part-a replaceable impeller, it is very easy to operate and maintain. I don't think you will be disappointed. If you get one that is noisy, it has to be a dud.

Almost as quiet as a whisper. Great filter!!


I love these power filters. I've owned a whisper junior operating in my 5.5gal quarantne tank without issues since 1999. It stil works and is quiet running. I liked it so much that I bought a Whisper 20 a few months ago for my 10 gal tank and now this one. I purchased this Whisper 60 as a back up system to my undergravel system in my 55gallon tank. These are reliable, efficient smooth running power filters. With only one moving part, they're easy to maintain and way easier to operate. Bio bags fit this and the Whisper 20 power filter. I have no hesitation in recommending this one to others. It sits easily on the back wall of the tank without taking up much room.



I really like this filter, I use it for one of my turtles tanks and it has so far worked wonderfully. It's slightly noisy, but as long as it keeps the tank clean, I'm happy with it.

Terriic Filter


I own 7 of these filters of varying sizes. The oldest is more than 10 years old and still going strong. 6 of these are in use; the 7th is a backup in case one breaks so that I can immediately replece when needed. So far, it still is sitting in the box!

The filter comes with a carbon bag and a foam bio-filter. It is quiet, efficient, and keeps all my tanks sparkling clean.

All filters from the 20 gallon to the 60 gallon use the same filter cartridge - in the same size - so I'm not having to buy all different sizes.

Two of my tanks came with a filter of a differnt brand, and I replaced them with Whisper filters after a short time. They simply did not keep my tanks as clean.

I'll never buy a different brand, andI highly recommend the Whisper filter. 5 stars!!



great price! even better filter. My fish seem happier now with a quiter filter. Like the option of pre-assembled or do it your self replacements cartridges. very pleased all around.

power filter 60


keeps water clear no noise easy to maintain



This filter is garbage!!! Just showed up at my house last week,,,and already My husband and I notice just last night, the back of the filter is leaking water all over the floor!!! Right by all of our power cords & Heaters!!! Our 55 gallon tank lost atleast 5 gallons of water before we even started noticing. This thing is a peice of crap. I will never buy again. Not to mention, causing a huge water flood all over our tile flooring, seeping into the wooden fish tank stand, which caused rotting of the wood. This is faulty manufacturing, and I cannot believe this all happened within days of recieving the product.



2 of the four filters I bought leak, I have some of the older filter 60's that don't leak and have been running for over a year, 2 of four new ones leak., called last week to get RMA still have not rcvd it from TPP, Tetra did send me 2 new O-Rings that didn't help.



I have two of the 60s now and ordered another one for extra filtration since I like it.. after Installing I just happen to notice that it was leaking...UUUGGGHHH so I took it apart and figured it must be the seal I was disappointed to say the least. So the next day I called Tetra and the super nice customer rep replaced it with new one and I shocked that I got it in four days at Christmas time!!! I installed it and it leaked even WORSE. I looked at the filter and saw a CRACK where the motor goes. I am guessing that the motor pushes against the box during shipping and cracked them BOTH.. I was disappointed AGAIN. I emailed them this time and it took a week for a reply but they finally did. Wanted me to mail them BOTH BACK.. By the time I pay postage I might as well keep them for parts. I still might order ONE more to SEE if it has the same problem because these really are great filters..Just wish they packaged them so that the motor wasn't cracking the filter box...... If I get another and it is cracked I will be calling TFP and tell them I want just the BOX!!!!!

Manufacturing Problem (Cracked/Leaking)


I recently ordered 2 of the Whisper 60s and when I go tthem home found out that they were both cracked / leaking. There is a vertical crack starting from where you put the impeller coil into the main housing. It is easily seen and makes quite a mess because the leak is slow and youu wont notice it for 24 hours most likely.

I ordered 2 replacements through the very friendly customer service online-chat, and bam - both of those were cracked in the same manner.

I just received 2 MORE that I ordered from a different online store and behold -- BOTH OF THEM WERE CRACKED IN THE SAME MANNER!!

Tetra has messed these up. Do not buy this product until they fix the problem. Too bad -- I have used Tetra Whisper power filters for many many many years. It was my favorite but I will have to find something else now:-(

Not the same product


I like so many others have used these filters for years and I recently had to replace two of my whisper 60 filters that were at least 10 years old. I ordered two new ones from Amazon they arrived and I installed both of them. Both have made serious noises so I purchased new impellers and still more noise. These are no longer a reliable product and I am searching for another manufacturer. What ever they changed did not work. The new filters came with a red impellers the old ones were blue not sure if that means anything. I Don’t think that these filters are the same product that they had a lock on the market for years.

I hate it when companys buy otherone and then absolutely ruin them.


So I have used Whisper filters for more than 50 years. I have 3 of these. The housing has become so thin that they crack when you pick them up. They use to make life simple because they all used the same size filter bags. I bought everything in bulk and life was good sorry to see the quality drop off so dramatically. I don't think I will ever buy another!

Quality has fallen off a cliff.


Loud, flimsy junk.This has gone WAY down hill.Impeller is from the 30 model and moves nowhere near as much water as it used to.Rattles and buzzes. Hard to get bag in groove properly.Did I say it is round and junk?

Has to be a one star since it's critical equipment that doesn't function dependably


It works then stops working. Then starts then stops and sometimes will not restart itself. Big fail and it's the last product by Whisper I buy.