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Whisper EX70 Power Filter - Up to 70 gal.

4 Reviews


The world famous Whisper power filter updated for the 21st century. The Whisper EX70 aquarium power filter offers a host of modern conveniences and advanced filtration capabilities to keep your aquarium clean, clear and healthy. Extra-quiet, in-tank motor design promotes even quieter Whisper operation, eliminates priming and lowers the filter's profile. Rounded filter chamber design promotes circulation and reduces sediment build-up. Enhanced biological grid promotes optimum bacteria growth. Squeeze-to-open filter cartridge design keeps your hands clean when performing regular cartridge changes. Whisper EX70 is designed to filter aquariums up to 70 gallons with a flow rate of 340 gph. Requires 2 large size Whisper Filter Cartridges.

For complete information about the Tetra Whisper EX power filters, see the Manufacturer's Instruction Manual.


Includes MediaLarge EX Filter Cartridge (x2)
Flow Rate340 gph
Power Cord Length6 ft.
Warranty2 year Warranty
UL ListedNo
Max Tank Size70 gal.
Internal Id


Click here to download the instructions manual from Tetra's website.

Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews

Great Filters


I have 2 of these on my 210 gallon aquarium.
<br>Instead of using these as mechanical filters, these work great to grow plants out of the filter. Best plants I have found are peace lilies.

Love these


I love this self priming and really great I use these on all my tanks .. :D

Excellent Design Improvements


Whoever made the improvements to the Whisper filter is a genius. One of the main things I love about this hang-on-back filter is the different bio screen design. In the older models, the biological filtration was supported by a sponge that sat in back of the main filter cartridge. Now the biological filtration is a screen with little spikes on it. Someone must have looked at the bio ball design that many sumpump filter systems use (wet/dry) and applied that surface concept to this filter. Smart! Instead of worrying about the sponge's getting clogged, one can simply take out the filter screen and smack it a bit against the bottom of the sink. This clears the material that might catch onto it without damaging the wonderful little nitrifying citters who keep our tanks poo-and-pee-free.
<br>These filters are silent, dependable, and cheap.
<br>The only con I can note is that this filter no longer has a flow-rate modifier. I hate that.
<br>Otherwise, good job, Whisper people!

Whisper ex power filters


These filters are junk.changed my tanks and they would not start up.I through away three filters and extra cartrigdes.my cascade power filters at least start every time I change water.