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    Turquoise Jewel Cichlid - Hemichromis bimaculatus

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    Cichlids from the Hemichromis genus are collectively known as the "Jewel Cichlids". Many species look similar and this combined with many line-bred variants and crossbreeds can lead to some confusion with regards to identification and common names. They are found in west Africa in a variety of environments and are fairy undemanding with water requirements though they can be sensitive to high pH.

    Jewel Cichlids can be fairly aggressive compared to their size. They are known fin-nippers and may prey on small fish. A group of juveniles can be kept in a large aquarium but a male/female pair is best kept in a species-only aquarium or with other large fish of a simlar temperament as they will aggressively guard their territory. The coloration of both the female and especially the male intensified during the breeding season.

    These cichlids are omnivores and will eat a variety of foods. They can be fed appropriately-size flakes (as juveniles) or pellets as well as supplements of meaty frozen foods and vegetation. Spawning occurs after an environmental trigger, namely a temperature change that replicates the rainy season in their natural environment. Eggs will be laid on a flat surface and defended by both parents.
    Common NameTurquoise Jewel Cichlid
    Scientific NameHemichromis bimaculatus
    Originwestern and central Africa
    Max Size (in inches)5
    Community SafeNo
    pH Range6.0-7.5
    Min Tank Size (in gallons)55
    Temperature Range76-82

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