Red Devil - Amphilophus labiatus - Small

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The Red Devil has a background color that varies from pale pink to orange-red from individual to individual. It may have black spots on the body as well. Mature males will develop large fleshy lips and a large hump on their head.

This can be a very aggressive cichlid and care should be taken in choosing tankmates. Large catfish and other large cichlids are generally the best choice. The tank should have lots of open swimming room for these large fish. Feed them a variety of meaty foods like pellets, krill, and earthworms.


F90 0022 0078
That Fish Place
Common NameRed Devil - Small
Scientific NameAmphilophus labiatus
OriginCentral America
Max Size (in inches)16
Community SafeNo
pH Range7.2-7.8
Min Tank Size (in gallons)150
Temperature Range76-82
DifficultyEasy to Moderate
Internal Id

State Restrictions
Armed Forces Americas
Armed Forces Europe
Armed Forces Pacific
Puerto Rico


Ratings & Reviews

3 reviews

love this fish


This fish is very aggresive, i have him in the tank and oscar fish and a jack and at first he was small but growed up fast and started taken over the tank. They love to move small rocks around and make mountain of rocks in the tank. He love to have a cave like area that he will defend as his home. if u like aggresive fish this is one to get.



If you get a male; this fish will take over your Tank in a heart beat once he matures they will beat oscars to a pulp so you have to watch them I exchanged him very quickly cause he presented a problem to my tank... Hench the name Red Devil

Most have


This is by far my most treasured fish! Though warning they are one of the most aggressive fish there is in the freshwater chain. I recommend you getting a 125 gallon tank with 3 of these fish and you will find that they are really appalling when they are older around 2 years old. When they get to adults their colors start to change and they get humps if they are male. They will fight any fish that enters the tank. I have mine in a 180 gal with 2 Red Devils, 2 jaguars and a pleco. Here is one great advice Donny house these fish in anything under 90 gals because they will want room to swim around and will corner and attack others in the tank. If you want to have other fish with them then you will have to get the red devil at 2 inches and the other fish at 3-4 inches.