Purple Cabomba - Cabomba pulcherrima

5 Reviews
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Due to state restrictions, this plant cannot be shipped to Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont or Washington.Click here for the complete list of state plant restrictions.

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Purple Cabomba (Cabomba pulcherrima) is composed of fine, delicate strands of fan shaped, purple and dark green leaves. These plants add interest and beauty to planted tanks, but require intense light and high nutrient levels to remain lush and colored. Cabomba is an excellent oxygenator for aquariums and ponds. It grows quickly and can also help to keep nutrient and nitrate levels lower.

Bunched plants are typically sold as cuttings that are bound together with a metal plant weight or rubber bands. These individual stalks can be planted by inserting the end of the stalk into the substrate, either individually or - with some plants - in groupings of several stalks. Most bunch plants do not have roots but may grow roots in time. They can be easily pruned by trimming the stalk at the desired height. The trimmings can then be planted as well if desired. Some bunched plants do not need to be planted and may be allowed to float on the water's surface.

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That Fish Place
Common NamePurple Cabomba
Scientific NameCabomba pulcherrima
OriginNorth America
Plant pH6.5-7.5
Growth RateFast
Light IntensityModerate to High
Water HardnessModerate
Temperature Range72-80
FlowersEmerged: small white bell-shaped flowers
Internal Id

State Restrictions
Armed Forces Americas
Armed Forces Europe
Armed Forces Pacific
Puerto Rico


Ratings & Reviews

5 reviews

really liked this one


Very pretty plant with pretty hues. It was in good condition upon arrival but did loose a few leaves during shipment. No root system was developed but I am hoping it survives and does well in my substrate.

Fast grower


I love the purple cambomba, I've had it in my tank for less then a week and its already grown at least 4 inches. Give my very active zebra danios something to play in.



I think due to the weather this plant arrived brown and mushy

Purple Cabomba


Love it and so do my fish.

Purple cabomba


I love it. The plants arrived healthy and look very purply