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Hornwort - Ceratophyllum demersum

9 Reviews
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Stiff, bristly strands of green needles make Hornwort (Ceratophyllum demersum) ideal for raising fry and small fish. Hornwort is a fast grower and does not need to be planted in the substrate to thrive; it can be left floating in the water. It will grow in long strands and may need to be thinned out so it does not dominate your aquarium. It is fine for ponds or aquariums and may actually inhibit algae growth on ornamental ponds. It is also a good oxygenator.

Bunched plants are typically sold as cuttings that are bound together with a metal plant weight or rubber bands. These individual stalks can be planted by inserting the end of the stalk into the substrate, either individually or - with some plants - in groupings of several stalks. Most bunch plants do not have roots but may grow roots in time. They can be easily pruned by trimming the stalk at the desired height. The trimmings can then be planted as well if desired. Some bunched plants do not need to be planted and may be allowed to float on the water's surface.

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Common NameHornwort
Scientific NameCeratophyllum demersum
OriginNorth America
Plant pH6.0-9.0
Growth RateFast
Light IntensityLow to Moderate
Water HardnessModerate to Hard
Temperature Range72-80
Internal Id

State Restrictions
Armed Forces Americas
Armed Forces Europe
Armed Forces Pacific
Puerto Rico

Ratings & Reviews

9 reviews



Great service, plant came very lush and most green. Amazing price as well.



HUGE PLANTS! All looked very healthy and they look great in my tank.

Anacharis and Hornwort


Great Service

<br>Very pleased with the plants



This is a great plant! I've only had it a little over a week and it's grown quite a bit already. It does shed some when you first put it in the tank but it came looking great.



The hornwort arrived when expected, was in great shape upon arrival, and currently is flourishing after several weeks. I expected shedding but haven't run into much.



I know Hornwort sometimes sheds when it first arrives, so I put mine in a net breeder until it get over its shed.Then it takes off nicely...Mine is doing great in a cool water tank...Be patient with Hornwort...It's worth it...

Mixed review


They were shipped fast. One arrived thick , green and full of life. The other arrived mostly brown and scraggily looking. It's almost completely dead. They other is growing very fast and doing good. I'm upset the other one was shipped to me already half dead, brown with mostly missing leaves! So I am giving it 2.5 stars

No problems here.


I have never had a problem with hornwort other than it grows like wildfire :) Whenever I get new ones the bottoms that have been tied lose their needles but once you have it in the gravel it grows quickly, straight up, and bright green. It is easily uprooted by large fish. I wouldn't reccomend this to anyone who doesnt want a plant that overshadows other plants quickly or doesnt want to keep trimming it.

not sure about this one


Overall I have been very happy with my plant purchases from that pet place but on this one it remains to be seen if I will like this one. Plant was loosing its needles everywhere when I got it. So much so that I am holding on placing in my tank yet. It may be due to the length of time it took to get the order but the other plants did quite well. I will update on this one once I make a decision of whether it was worth the purchase price or not.