Watersprite - Ceratopteris sp. - Large

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Watersprite (Ceratopteris sp.) is also sometimes known as "Indian Water Fern" or Laceleaf Watersprite" due to the finely branched leaves it grows when submerged. The leaf shape changes when grown emerged (out of the water) and the emerged plant will also be stiffer than the delicate submerged form.

These individual stalks can be planted by inserting the end of the stalk into the substrate, either individually or in groupings of several stalks. They may grow roots in time. They can be easily pruned by trimming the stalk at the desired height. The trimmings can then be planted as well if desired. Watersprite do not need to be planted and may also be allowed to float on the water's surface. These plants make excellent cover for fry to hide.


That Fish Place
Common NameWatersprite Indian Fern - Large
Scientific NameCeratopteris sp.
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