Cryptocoryne lucens - Small

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Cryptocoryne lucens has green blade-like leaves that grow from a thin stem. It is a good foreground plant and is sold in a clump portion with multiple stalks.

Plants from the Cryptocoryne genus are also often known simply as "Crypts". They are some of the oldest plants to the aquarium trade, having been kept since the dawn of the modern aquarium in the 17's. These plants have been known to crossbreed in the wild and hybrids are common as well as a number of variations to individual species.

Crypts can tolerate a wide range of conditions. Most tend to prefer water with a neutral to slightly higher pH and higher hardness but a few prefer slightly acidic water (pH under 7.). A few species can even survive in brackish (slightly salty) water. They can also grow emerged (out of the water) as well as completely submerged; emerged plants may produce a flower while submerged plants multiple using their root system.

Cryptocorynes are notorious for a condition known as "Crypt Rot" in which the leaves fall off and the plant appears to be "melting". This usually happens after the plant is transplanted or experiences another major change in its environment such as the transition between emerged and submerged growth or a swing in temperature or water chemistry. Though the leaves die off, the roots often survive and the plant may regrow over time.

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That Fish Place
Common NameLucens - Small
Scientific NameCryptocoryne lucens
OriginSri Lanka
Plant pH6.0-8.0
Growth RateModerate
Light IntensityModerate
Water HardnessModerate to Hard
Temperature Range72-80
Internal Id

State Restrictions
Armed Forces Americas
Armed Forces Europe
Armed Forces Pacific
Puerto Rico


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best plant in my tanks!


I bought a random bunch of plants from this site with my first order based on some aquatic enthusiasts suggestions. I was way more impressed by the dwarf sag I ordered and they were easily my favorite little plant for a few weeks. Until I really saw this baby shine. It is literally the healthiest and happiest plant in all of my tanks, even better than the anubias, which is labeled as one of the EASIEST plants to take care of.

I WAS going to carpet my tank with dwarf sag but now I think I'm going to just fill it with bunches of crypto lucens. I have never been happier with a plant!

Wonderful plant


Arrived strong and healthy and established itself immediately in the tank. It makes a nice mid-height addition behind the four-leaf clover and hair grass.