Java Fern - Microsorum pteropus - Small

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Java Fern is a hardy plant that tolerates a wide range of conditions. They can tolerate lower lighting as well as the higher pH and hard water of cichlid aquariums and aquariums with higher lighting. They even may be used in brackish water aquariums with low salinity. Since these plants grow very slowly, algae may grow on the leaves in tanks with low CO2 or high light. They can grow up to a foot in height or more and are best as a midground or background plant.

The roots on Java Ferns grow from a stiff, thick rhizome. When planting, plant only the roots and leave the rhizome exposed. They can also be attached to rocks or driftwood; use fishing line or other ties to secure the plant in place until the roots attach. Java Ferns may also reproduce via runners from the roots or by growing new plants at the tips of mature leaves.


That Fish Place
Common NameJava Fern - Small
Scientific NameMicrosorum pteropus
Plant pH6.5-8.0
Growth RateModerate
Light IntensityLow to Moderate
Water HardnessModerate to Hard
Temperature Range72-80
SubstrateHard (gravel, rock or wood)
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State Restrictions
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Puerto Rico


Ratings & Reviews

4 reviews

Java fern


The plants arrived looking healthy. After two weeks in the tank they are still looking good. I have the rizome weighted with stones and the plants seem to be doing good. There is no real sign of new growth yet but then the plant is rated as a slow grower. I ordered one plant and was pleased to find two rizomes in the packing. I would consider ordering plants in the future.

Small surprises


I expected small to mean a small plant that would eventually grow out. I ordered two plants and was surprised at the length of their leaves. It's a small cluster-3 or 4 leaves-but not a small plant. Both are healthy and doing fine.

noy happy


High quantity low quality.

only plant to live


only plant from my order to arrive in good shape and still alive a month latter. I'll never order plants from here again