Baby Tears - Micranthemum umbrosum

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Baby Tears (Micranthemum umbrosum) has small, round, bright green leaves which form thick bushes of foliage. They provide shelter for fry and grow quickly in moderate conditions. This plant can grow tall, but may be pruned to maintain a compact appearance under high light.

Bunched plants are typically sold as cuttings that are bound together with a metal plant weight or rubber bands. These individual stalks can be planted by inserting the end of the stalk into the substrate, either individually or - with some plants - in groupings of several stalks. Most bunch plants do not have roots but may grow roots in time. They can be easily pruned by trimming the stalk at the desired height. The trimmings can then be planted as well if desired. Some bunched plants do not need to be planted and may be allowed to float on the water's surface.


Common NameBaby Tears
Scientific NameMicranthemum umbrosum
OriginNorth America, South America
Plant pH6.5-7.5
Growth RateFast
Light IntensityModerate
Water HardnessModerate
Temperature Range72-80
DifficultyEasy to Moderate

State Restrictions
Armed Forces Americas
Armed Forces Europe
Armed Forces Pacific
Puerto Rico


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when you get them you will allways have them


this plant and or the leaves will allways be in your tank unless you kill them by dummping the tank
easy to grow and keep. lol

Waiting to see


I ordered two clumps of baby tears and they arrived healthy. At this point, they've died back some but show hopeful signs of future growth. The color and shape of the plant will be excellent additions in my aquarium if and when the plants get established.

Baby's tears


Really nice looking plants.

Shed all their leaves and died


It took about a month, but both small groups of this that I planted shed their leaves and died. Made a huge mess. Only plant that didn't make it.