White Cloud Mountain Minnow - Tanichthys albonubes

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The White Cloud Mountain Minnow (Tanichthys albonubes) is extinct in the wild but has been a popular aquarium fish for many years. It exists now only in fish farms and hobbyists' homes. The wild type "White Cloud" is beige to light brown with a gold stripe that runs horizontally down the flank. The belly is dark and the fins are red. The fins may also be tipped in white. Unlike most other small aquarium fish, these fish actually thrive in cooler waters and are ideal for unheated community aquariums.

White Clouds are hardy fish, and can be used as "starter fish" for new aquariums. They are schooling fish that should be kept in groups. They are peaceful and can be kept with most other community species like danios, small tetras and rasboras. They are very active swimmers and are constantly on the move.

These fish prefer aquariums with plenty plants and ornamentation to explore, but also need plenty of open space to swim. They can be fed commercial flakes, granules and small pellets as a staple diet, with occasional feedings of meaty frozen or freeze dried treats such as bloodworms, plankton, mysis or brine shrimp. They prefer to be kept in groups of six or more to school and feel secure.


Common NameWhite Cloud Mountain Minnow
Scientific NameTanichthys albonubes
Max Size (in inches)1.5
Community SafeYes
pH Range6.5-7.5
Min Tank Size (in gallons)5
Temperature Range68-80

State Restrictions
Armed Forces Americas
Armed Forces Europe
Armed Forces Pacific
Puerto Rico


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Very Hardy


Very easy to keep, small and active fish. They actually prefer cooler water than some tropical fish, although they're very undemanding and will take pretty much whatever you throw at them. Mine were constantly zipping about the tank and loved to play in the filter outflow.

Definitely put a hood on your tank though, they will occasionally jump.

Peaceful and Entertaining!


My daughter has 6 of these guys and a Crowntail Betta in her 10 gallon tank and they get along great!These fish are very hardy and on of teh best fish out there.They also make great coldwater fish.They are very active,though.Don't keep them in anything less then 10 gallons.Anyway,great fish!

Best Fish On The Planet!


I have had around 20 of these in my 20 Gallon Long Fish Tank and have had no issues out of them. They're fun and enjoyable to watch. I have never had any jump out of my tank and I have no lid (on purpose - for more air flow). These will live longer than some of your warmer tropical fish, too. Also, these have some awesome coloring, and the males especially when they 'flare'. Yes, they flare from time to time (at the females). Overall, if there were 10 stars, I'd rate them that high.



These beautiful little fish settled in quickly to their new surroundings. I really like the way they school near the surface. They are always first on the food!
The neon white stripe down their lateral line virtually glows! Definitely WINNERS! I will absolutely be getting a school for my CPD tank!