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Chemi-Pure Elite Aquarium Filter Media - 11.74 oz.

8 Reviews


This powerful filter media takes the aquarium cleaning power of original Chemi-pure one step further. Chemi-pure Elite aquarium filter media combines the organic removing power of original Chemi-pure and the phosphate-removal properties of ferric oxide to make the perfect filter media. Chemi-Pure is a safe, effective filter media for creating crystal clear aquarium water and reducing water changes; making fish healthier and allowing corals and invertebrates to acclimate more quickly and thrive in their aquarium environment. Ideal for freshwater or saltwater aquariums, and is easily used in power filters, canister filters, and wet/dry filters and sumps. Chemi-pure is the perfect replacement for any aquarium filter using bags of carbon media. Take your aquarium filtration to the next level with Dick Boyd's Chemi-pure Elite!

Treats 5 to 40 gallons.


Boyd Enterprises
Compatible ModelsAll Filters
Treats up to5-40 gal.
Package Size11.74 oz.
Internal Id


Carbon, resin, ferric oxide.


Keep Chemi-Pure package sealed until ready for use. Do not remove resin from bag. Rinse lightly and place bag in filter and flatten out as much as possible.

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great product


This stuff work wonders. Pulls out so much more than regular or superactivated carbon. Also pulls out phosphates like a champ. Might not last 6 months as advertised but still ~4 months out of one carbon pouch is pretty great.

Buy this product!


Awesome product, change every 4-6 months, keep tank crystal clear specially for marine tank. Extemely recommended!



Been useing the regular chem pure for many years and upgraded to the elite when it first came out,does a great job in my reef tank controlling all impurities,I replace every 4 months



Have used Chemi-pure for years; wouldn't use anything else.

Good Filter media


This does a good job of keeping the water clear in my 24 gallon Aqua Pod Nano. It also helps reduce nitrates. Be sure when you use it to lay it flat. That is a big key. If you don't, often times water will stream around it and not be as effective. I also find that by keeping it in a chamber where the water pushes upwards through it was more effective at reducing nitrates versus a chamber where the water flows downward through it.

What else can be said


I've been keeping both fresh and marine fish for over 30 years and this is the best chemical media on the market. Now with the additional additives control of Nitrate and removal of phosphates is awesome. Within a few hours, my Jack Dempsey tank was absolutely "see-through" and I noticed a marked improvement in my Dempsey's activity and appetite. Lastly, control/regulation of pH is a no-brainer. Would recommend this to ANY aquarist, period.

Chemi pure elite


What a great product blue white water every time crystal clear water 3 month media what more can you ask for.outstanding product would and have recommended this to anyone doing a fish tank fresh salt reef it's all good

Great Media


Really does what it says - reduces water changes and keeps the water clean. A total bargain.