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Crinum calamistratum - Medium

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Crinum calamistratum has a bulb structure with dark green leaves that arise out of the center of the plant. The narrow leaves have a very tightly spiraled, almost corkscrew look to them which make them very unique in any aquarium. They have the potential to grow quite large in the home aquarium and can be used as either a background or foreground plant.

Crinum plants grow from a light colored bulb. When planting, leave at least a third of the bulb exposed from the substrate to prevent it from rotting. These plants can tolerate a wide range of water conditions and are one of the few plants that can be kept in very low-salinity brackish water aquariums. They can also be kept in most African cichlid aquariums with hard water and higher pH conditions. While the leaves may still be nibbled, most herbivorous fish will not eat the very tough, fiber-y leaves of many Crinums's.
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Common NameCalamistratum - Medium
Scientific NameCrinum calamistratum
Originwestern Africa
Plant pH6.0-8.0
Growth RateSlow
Light IntensityModerate to High
Water HardnessModerate to Hard
Temperature Range72-80
FlowersEmerged: white
DifficultyEasy to Moderate
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I thought this was a neat looking plant, an oddball of plants for my odd ball tank line up. After ready that it's tolerant of a range of water conditions, thus being a rather easy plant I shelled out the money for this unique plant. I couldn't get it to grow and leaves kept dying though a nice big new bright green root was growing great. Move it from my slightly above neutral soft water tank where it was simply weighted down on top of the substrate to my soft water slightly acidic tank and I had a new leaf shoot in a week (I should note I have it floating here). Seems acidity is required and that proper light penetration is also needed. In the old tank I had full spectrum bulbs and in it's new floating location it's under a simple incandescent bulb.. Just wanted to share my experience to help people. Over all I found it a tricker plant than expected so I'd suggest start with one to see how it does in your tank before buying more to add to your planted landscape.