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Sunburst Orange GloFish Barb - Puntius tetrazona

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These fascinating fish have been genetically altered to give off a bright neon glow. The genes of this Tiger Barb have been altered with the genes of a certain anemone that features the illuminescence, and that is how the GloFish came about!

The GloFish Barb is just as hardy as a regular Tiger Barb. They are an active fish that will hang out around mid-water or upper water level. They are great for community tanks but can become nippy if not kept in large enough groups; Tiger Barbs are best kept in groups of 6-8 fish or more. Feed them a varied diet of flake, small pellet, and occasional small-sized frozen food.

The glowing coloration of the GloFish Barb will not fade or change - it is within their genetic structure and will actually be passed on to their offspring should they spawn. To see them "glow" at their best, keep under blue "actinic" lighting. The colors will be bright under white lighting but will not "glow" as brightly.

Photos and video courtesy of http://www.glofish.com


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Common NameSunburst Orange GloFish Barb
Scientific NamePuntius tetrazona
Internal Id

State Restrictions
Armed Forces Europe
Armed Forces Pacific
Puerto Rico


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