Whisper Bio Bag Cartridge - Small - 2 pk. - Assembled

SKU: 240128
Manufacturer: Tetra
MPN: 25900

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Whisper Bio Bag Disposable Filter Cartridges keep your aquarium water crystal clear, help remove odors and discoloration, and are economical and easy to use. Whisper Filter Cartridges provide superior mechanical and chemical filtration for your aquarium. Dense, dual sided mesh catches debris and fish waste. For superior and easy aquarium filtration. Designed for the Whisper 3i In-Tank Filter and the Marineland 1 1/2 Aquarium Kits.


Compatible ModelsWhisper 3i In-tank Filter
Package Size2 pk.
Length4 in.
Width2 in.
Internal Id

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Used for 2 Years


I used Tetra whisper bio-bag filters, size small, for over two years in a 1.5 gallon tank. The filters would keep the water clean for 1 week. After getting tired of dumping & cleaning the tank every week, I am now looking for a larger tank that doesn't need so much cleaning. But these filter systems are good for a starter tank (about $16/month).

Bio Bag for small fish tanks


Does not do the job Needs to be changed in aprox 5-6 days

Used for 3 years.....perfect, in every way


These other reviews are WRONG!!! Regardless of your "filtering system", your population and feeding habits are the problem....not the Bio Bag filter. They are PERFECT for our 1.5 gal. tanks. 3 years ago I got 2 African Dwarf Frogs..The site said "no need to filter or clean the tank, the rocks are magic" ..."They won't breed"... they lied..100 frogs later and more tanks then I wanted, I stayed true to the Bio-Bag. The little tanks get changed 3-4 WEEKS. the 10, 27, & 75 gal. tanks get 6-8 weeks. Everybody is happy,full and crystal clear water. Can't get these little filters in town, what they have is a poor substitute for Bio-Bags in any size. I am glad Whisper still makes them. Am ordering a years worth today.
# of fish+amount you feed= filter problems...