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Assorted Premium Discus - Adult

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This is a Restricted item and is not covered by our Arrive Alive 14-day Guarantee.Please see our Guarantee Policy and Restricted Species List for more information.

The fish pictured here are representative only and the fish you receive may vary in pattern or coloration. Groupings are shown for representative purposes only; fish are sold individually.

Discus are considered the Kings of the Freshwater fish! These beautiful, interestingly shaped fish can be quite rewarding when you take the time to care for them properly. Discus do best in groups. They also require pristine water conditions, with relatively low hardness, low pH, and high temperature. Be prepared to pay close attention to your water quality and the condition of your discus. Provide about 8-10 gallons of water per adult discus, starting with at least a 45 gallon aquarium. They also prefer a tall tank because of their body shape and activity. Your discus would do best if they are in a tank where there is low-traffic and no loud noises.

Discus do well in a well-planted tank with driftwood and plenty of cover. They are quite docile and skittish and require a place to retreat and feel safe if necessary. They will not compete well for food, so be sure tankmates are equally as docile. Fast swimming fish can stress discus with their activity. Try Cardinal tetras, Rummy-nose tetras, rams, cory cats, and plecos that stay small.

Feed your discus rich, meaty foods like worms and other larvae, beefheart, and a quality flake or small pellet. Increase the protein intake if you would like to breed your discus. Discus make rather good parents. They both protect the eggs and young, and they actually secrete a mucous that the fry feeds on during the very first few weeks that they are free-swimming.

If you do your best to give your discus the conditions they want, they will reward you with many years of brilliant color and beauty, and plenty of personality, too!


F90 0022 1224
That Fish Place
Common NameAssorted Premium Discus - Adult
Scientific NameSymphysodon aequifasciatus
Internal Id


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It might be nice to know where your store is. If you are not close to Seattle don't tease me.



Amazing place, located in Lancaster, PA (which is said on their website may places/areas) amazing products, and fish. The team members are friendly and helpful. Will buy more in the future. (Don't listen to other reviews when they clearly did not do their research on location)