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Upside-down Jellyfish - Cassiopea frondosa

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The Upside-down Jellyfish does not float around in the water like other jellyfish. Instead, it sits upside-down on sandy flats and uses its tentacles to catch plankton and other free-floating foods. They are also photosynthetic to some degree and will use the algae in their tissue to product food from the lighting of the tank.

These jellyfish benefit from target feedings of small foods like baby brine shrimp, cyclops, zooplankton, phytoplankton and dissolved nutrients. Lighting in the aquarium should be at least a moderate level with low flow. They also need an open sandy bottom to sit on and can reach an adult diameter of about ten inches.

These jellyfish do have stinging cells on their tentacles that can sting other aquarium tankmates. The sting can also affect aquarists, especially those with sensitive skin or who are sensitive to other stinging animals like anemones. Avoid touching the tentacles of these jellyfish.

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This is a pretty jellyfish