Elephantnose Fish - Gnathonemus petersii

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The Elephant Nose is an interesting fish with a long appendage on its snout below the mouth that looks like an elephant's trunk. Its body is gray to black with a slender forked tail.

The Elephant Nose is a nocturnal fish, hunting and feeding mostly at night. It uses its long snout to help it find worms, insects, larvae, and small crustaceans in the substrate. It is important to provide smooth-sided gravel or fine sand so that it does not injure itself when looking for food in this way. Elephant Noses will accept most small live foods, but can usually be trained to eat frozen foods and sometimes, sinking pellets. The Elephant Nose is able to produce a weak electric discharge that it uses in courtship and in locating prey.

This fish is relatively peaceful toward other fish of similar size, but is territorial and aggressive with its own kind. For this reason they are best kept one per tank unless the aquarium is very large, about 2 gallons or more. Provide a heavily planted tank with soft, acidic water and subdued lighting. This provides natural hiding places and will help minimize stress. Elephant noses are sensitive fish, and are easily stressed by poor water quality. Frequent water changes are a must to keep this fish healthy.

Use caution if it becomes necessary to add medications or other harsh chemicals to the tank as many of these products are harmful or fatal to the elephant nose. If using medications, read the instructions carefully to be sure that the product is safe for scale-less fish. It may be necessary to use a mild medication or use a product at half-strength.


Common NameElephantnose Fish
Scientific NameGnathonemus petersii
Max Size (in inches)14
Community SafeYes, with caution
pH Range6.0-8.0
Min Tank Size (in gallons)120
Temperature Range72-80

State Restrictions
Armed Forces Americas
Armed Forces Europe
Armed Forces Pacific
Puerto Rico


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This is a fish that will attack others in your fish tank so be careful.