Yellowhead Jawfish - Opistognathus aurifrons

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Jawfish can be some of the most comical and amusing members of an aquarium community. They have large eyes and a big mouth that they open wide to intimidate other tankmates away from their territory. Jawfish build burrows in the substrate and under rockwork and will quickly dash in and out of their holes when threatened or feeding. Some jawfish even appear to "decorate" their entrances with larger bits of stone and shell. They should be given a soft mixed substrate that is at least 3-4 inches deep to build their burrows.

Jawfish are generally peaceful towards other fish but most will fight with other jawfish. They can be kept in reef aquariums but their elaborate burrows can cause some rockwork to be unstable and may collapse structures. Make certain all rockwork is secure and on the bottom of the tank to help prevent collapses! A collapse could injure your jawfish or other tankmates and may even break the aquarium of a heavy rock falls against the glass. Jawfish have been known to jump from uncovered aquariums when threatened, especially at night, so a tight-fitting lid is essential.

Most jawfish are not fussy eaters. They will accept a wide range of frozen or fresh meaty items like brine shrimp, mysis shrimp or larger bits of shrimp, scallop, krill or similar items for larger jawfish. Since jawfish may not venture far from their burrow, especially when first introduced into the tank, it may be necessary to target-feed them to make certain they are not being out-competed for food by other tankmates.

Visit That Fish Blog for more information from our marine biologists on Jawfish and other aquarium-related topics!


Common NameYellowhead Jawfish
Scientific NameOpistognathus aurifrons
Reef SafeYes
Invert SafeYes
Community SafeYes
Max Size (in inches)4
Min Tank Size (in gallons)30
Specific Gravity Range1.020-1.024
pH Range8.0-8.4
Temperature Range75-82

State Restrictions
Armed Forces Americas
Armed Forces Europe
Armed Forces Pacific
Puerto Rico


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