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Livestock & Frozen Food Orders

Due to extreme weather conditions, Aquarium Livestock Shipping has been suspended for this week: 1/11 through 1/14.

Due to extreme weather conditions, Aquarium Livestock Shipping has been suspended for this week: 1/11 through 1/14.

Live orders (fish, invertebrates) are shipped FedEx Standard Overnight, FedEx Priority Overnight or FedEx Ground (If Eligible), Monday through Thursday for delivery Tuesday through Friday.

Live plants and live rock orders are shipped via FedEx 2-day express Monday through Wednesday for delivery Wednesday through Friday. Shipping upgrades to overnight shipping are available for an additional fee.

Overnight Orders placed before noon (EST) are generally shipped the same day. Orders placed after noon are shipped the next shipping day.

Live Fish, Coral & Inverts Shipping Charges:

  • Standard Overnight: $34.99*
  • Priority Overnight: $54.99*
  • *Live fish, coral & invert. orders under $50 will receive an additional handling charge of $25

Live Aquarium Plant Shipping Charges:

  • Standard 2-day Plant Shipping: $14.99

Live Rock Shipping Charges:

  • Packages are shipped free via Fedex 2-day Express.

You may upgrade the shipping method to Standard Overnight or Priority overnight for an additional charge. Please contact a livestock representative for upgraded shipping quotes at 1-877-367-4377.

*Fedex does not offer Standard Overnight shipping to all destinations, especially rural areas. An upgrade to Priority Overnight is required in these situations and the additional $20 upgrade charge will be required. A Livestock Mailorder representative will contact you prior to shipping if an upgrade is required. If you would like to verify the shipping options available to your area, feel free to contact the Livestock Mailorder department at 877-367-4377. Shipping charges are not covered by our livestock guarantee policy and are non-refundable.

Livestock shipping is available only within the contiguous 48 states (except California & Kansas).

We are unable to ship livestock to APO or PO addresses.

Also, some states, countries, regions or municipalities prohibit the purchase or import of certain plant species that may be invasive or pose a potential hazard to native waterways. View our complete list of Aquatic Plant Restrictions.

Livestock and frozen food shipping is only available to the contiguous United States (except California & Kansas). No live items (fish, invertebrates, plants, live rock) or frozen food can be shipped internationally or to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico.

We also do not ship any livestock to California. The state's strict fish and game regulations and restrictions lead to many shipments being delayed and the loss of fish and other livestock in the process, as a result it is our company's policy to not ship to California.

Charges for live orders process when the order is shipped. Some credit cards, especially debit cards, place an "authorization" on the purchase amount to verify that the funds are available when the order is placed. This hold is placed by your bank or credit card company and the funds may be unavailable for use on other debit deductions. If such an "auth" is appearing on your card and your order is cancelled, it should drop off automatically within about 8 business days.

If an order is modified at any point before shipping, you may see multiple "auths" in your records. These should also drop within a few days after your order ships. Contact your financial institution for more information.

Special Notice for PayPal Orders: We cannot hold or modify orders placed with PayPal. PayPal's policies do not allow us to hold orders for more than three days after they are placed. Depending on when the order was placed, this may mean that the payment authorization is expired before the order is scheduled to be shipped. In this instance, a livestock department representative will contact you regarding the options for your order.

Some states, countries, regions or municipalities prohibit the purchase or import of certain plant species that may be invasive or pose a potential hazard to native waterways. These regulations vary by locale, but we are unable to ship these species to such destinations. View our list of Aquatic Plant Restrictions By State for a list of current state restrictions or see federal, state and local regulations for your location.

Keeping an accurate inventory on live plants and animals can be tricky. We try to keep the stock advertised on the website is as accurate as possible. The livestock advertised online is also available to our retail store customers. Despite frequent updates, our website does not always reflect if an item is physically in stock or available to ship. In the event that an item on a live order is not available on the day of shipment, or the quantity ordered is greater than our available inventory, a member of our livestock team will attempt to contact you. You will be given the option to remove the out of stock item and have the remainder of the order shipped, or to have the entire order held to see if the item becomes in stock again. Orders placed with a credit card can be held for up to two weeks; orders placed with PayPal or Google Checkout payment methods cannot be held due to their payment policies.

If you have ordered a large quantity of a single species (i.e. 25 or more of a single plant) extra time may be needed to process the order. If we are unable to contact you, or we have not gotten a response by 4:00pm (Eastern) on the day of shipment, we will remove the unavailable items from your order and ship as scheduled. In rare cases when a significant percentage of an order is unavailable, the order will be held until we are able to reach you. This may cause some delays in expected ship dates.

Livestock items will not be placed on backorder. Please note that your account will not be charged for the items that are unavailable for shipment.

We do not ship split orders or backorders on livestock orders. If an item on your order is out of stock, you will be contacted and given the option to remove the item and have everything else shipped, or we can hold the entire order for up to two weeks to see if the item becomes available for shipment.

Some live items are only available for sale at certain times of the year. Pond stock like koi and comets, for example, are only sold from about May to August or September, depending on the weather and availability.There are also seasonal availabilities on some aquarium plants, and stock may be interrupted during those times of the year (i.e. Microsword, Rose Sword, Radican 'Marble Queen').

Sizes of livestock items offered can vary by supplier, collection area, and time of year. We do not assign specific measurements to live items, but rather general sizes (small, medium, large, XL). If the actual size of a fish or invertebrate you are considering is a concern, please speak directly to a livestock representative to discuss the items you're considering. We do not sell any fish by sex other than those specifically listed as "male" or "female". We cannot guarantee that the fish can be successfully sexed or that the ratio of male/female you request will be available. Please be aware that coloration within species may be quite variable. The specimen you receive may not look exactly like the representative photo on the site do to these natural variations in color or markings. If you have a request for a specific color in any of our assorted items, you contact the Livestock Department at 877-367-4377 or livefish@thatpetplace.com. We try to fill special requests when possible, but cannot guarantee the preference.

If you are looking for a species or variant not advertised on the site, please ask your livestock representative about it for more information on availability.

Species listed on the site as restriced are not covered by our livestock guarantee. Find a full list of these species on our Restricted Species List. Animals on this list are either very difficult to keep in the home aquarium, or are highly susceptible to loss during shipping. These animals should only be kept by the advanced hobbyist or researcher, and beginner level aquarists or aquarists with newly established aquariums (less than six months old) should not purchase any species on this list.

Customers ordering any of these animals waive any responsibility on the part of That Fish Place for dead arrivals or animal losses normally covered by our Arrive-Alive 14-day guarantee. Shipping and handling are also non-refundable.

We currently offer quantity discounts on freshwater plants and on select marine snails, crabs and hermit crabs. Quantity discounts are not available on fish or other items that are not advertised with discount pricing. When ordering a large quantity of a single species (i.e. 25 or more of a single plant) extra time may be needed to process the order.

Holiday Frozen Food Shipping Schedule:
Frozen Food orders placed after 12pm EST Tuesday, Dec. 14th will ship on Wednesday, Jan. 5th

Frozen food shipping is available October through May, weather and holidays permitting.

Frozen Food Orders must be placed and shipped separately from dry goods orders. There is a $30.00 minimum order and a shipping fee of $29.99 for each order (multi-box orders may require additional shipping). Frozen Food orders are only shipped to the 48 contiguous states (except California & Kansas) via Fedex 2-Day Express. Frozen food orders must be placed by 12pm EST Tuesday to ship the following Wednesday. Orders are shipped with dry ice every Wednesday for Friday delivery from our Lancaster, PA location. Out of stock frozen food items will not be backordered.

All live rock is kept in our holding tanks allowing the most natural conditions available until shipping. Live rock is shipped via FedEx 2-Day service. In the event of severe weather conditions we may delay shipment until conditions will allow for safe transport of your order. If temperatures are below 32 degrees, or above 90 degrees, we highly recommend that you upgrade to 1-day shipping for the safety of your shipment. Our live rock is shipped moist, wrapped in wet newspaper inside a plastic bag, inside an insulted styrofoam container. This is done to protect the organisms on the rock from exposure to dry air and extreme temperatures during transport.

Though all our live rock has been held in our controlled system and hand-picked prior to shipment, rock should never be introduced directly into an existing aquarium. Even cured rock will need to go through a curing process after transport to safely acclimate it to your system. Please refer to our Acclimation and Curing Live Rock section for more information.

Because our rock is already in the "curing" process, it may not appear as colorful as some freshly harvested rock sold by our competitors. Most of the coloration on fresh live rock is due to sponges, micro-algaes, and random organisms that will not survive the curing process or exposure to air during transport. The beneficial bacteria, microorganism, coralline algae, and other organisms that you want are still living on our rock, and will reestablish themselves one the live rock is stabilized in your aquarium. Shape, size, color, and density are all highly variable characteristics inherent to live rock. We strive to accurately describe the different types of rock that we offer, but please allow for these natural variations. We are confident in the quality and hardiness of the live rock that we sell to our mail order customers, however we cannot offer any guarantee on the rock.

Yes! Even using insulated containers and ice packs or heat packs, temperatures and weather can still impact the successful shipment of live or frozen food shipments. In extreme temperatures, it can be difficult to control the temperature within a safe and stable range for the contents of these shipments. Severe weather like blizzards, ice storms, heat waves and hurricanes may also delay flights and drivers carrying the packages. We monitor the weather for each package destination using NOAA's National Weather Service and will contact you with any concerns regarding your shipment.

Yes, if it is a normal delivery day based on our shipping schedule (Tuesday-Friday). We can hold orders placed with a credit card for up to two weeks and arrange for it to be shipped for a specific delivery day. Orders placed with PayPal or Google Checkout payment methods cannot be held. We do not offer Saturday delivery.

To request a specific arrival date, contact the Livestock Mailorder Department directly at 877-367-4377 Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Eastern) or email livefish@thatpetplace.com. If you have already placed your order online, please contact us as soon as possible with your order number.

No, FedEx does not require signatures for their packages. We do recommend that someone be there to receive the package upon delivery; we cannot be held responsible for losses if a package is left exposed to the elements. If you or someone in your home cannot be available to receive your package, we can either hold the shipment for delivery on another day or ship to a business address or FedEx station for pickup. You can find FedEx customer pickup locations on www.Fedex.com

Orders placed online are for shipping only and cannot be picked up in the retail store. If you are coming to visit the store and you're interested in something specific, please contact the fish room staff. Items in the fish room may be held for a short time, but the items must be picked up and paid for in the store.

Livestock orders are packed and shipped separately and cannot be shipped with dry goods. We make every effort to make transit comfortable and safe for livestock. We review the temperature and destination for every order, and pack the livestock accordingly. Fish and invertebrates are triple-bagged and packed with heat packs or ice packs (as needed) in insulated Styrofoam containers and cardboard shipping boxes. Plants are carefully wrapped in wet paper and plastic then shipped in standard FedEx shipping boxes (with heat packs or ice packs as needed).

*Heat packs are usually taped to the lid or side of the box. These packets should be discarded after delivery; do not add these packets or their contents to your aquarium.

We always attach a copy of your invoice/packing list inside the box.

Most of our live items are covered by our 14-day Arrive Alive Guarantee. Restricted Items are not covered by this policy for any reason. View the full Livestock Guarantee Policy and Restricted Species list for full details. Any losses must be reported to us within the 14-day guarantee period and we do require verification for any losses.

Shipping charges are not covered by our livestock guarantee policy and are non-refundable.

Please contact the Livestock Department at 877-367-4377 or livefish@thatpetplace.com to report any loss or problem with your live order.

Some common issues may be explained below:

  • Many species of anemones will be shipped without water. This is done intentionally and has proven to be the best way to ship these animals. Don't worry-your anemone may look strange when you receive it, but should recover very rapidly once placed in your aquarium.
  • Some crustaceans, starfish or urchins can lose appendages due to shipping stress. This does not necessarily mean that they are dead or dying. The lost appendages will eventually be replaced/regrown by the animal.
  • Many polyps, clams, and corals can appear lifeless for a few days after they arrive at their destination. Do not throw these animals away. Given proper lighting, nutrition, and water quality they should soon extend tissues and polyps and regain their full color and vigor.
  • Soft corals may arrive with mucus or discoloration in their bags. This is a normal process and occurs during growth or from shipping stress. Just remove the coral from the shipping bag and place it in your aquarium. If this phenomenon occurs again in your tank simply net out the mucus. Once the coral acclimates, the secretion should stop.

Remember, even if your fish or coral appears to be lifeless upon arrival you MUST acclimate it according to the That Fish Place Acclimation Procedures.

Any problems with stock or losses must be reported to us within the 14-day guarantee period and we do require verification for any losses. If you have access to a digital camera, you can send us photos of the items in question. The photos must be clearly identifiable; we recommend snapping the photo on a flat surface out of the water. If you don't have access to a digital camera, you can pack the items in a plastic bag with enough table salt to cover the remains, then mail them back to That Fish Place c/o Mailorder Livestock. Please include your name and order number with any claims. Once we receive verification, we can refund the cost of those items lost back to your credit card. Shipping charges are non-refundable. We are able to replace items from live shipments, but you will be charged shipping for the replacement items.

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