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Aquarium Articles

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Active Ingredients: Part 1, Anti-Bacterial
Active Ingredients: Part 2, Anti-Parasitic
Active Ingredients: Part 3, Multifunction
Air Pump Basics
African Cichlid Compatibility [Chart]
Aquarist First Aid -
Assembling An Aquarium Medical Kit
Aquarium Chillers Basics
Aquarium Filter Basics - Canister Filters
Aquarium Filter Basics - Diatom Filters
Aquarium Filter Basics - Fluidized Bed Filters
Aquarium Filter Basics - Internal Filters
Aquarium Filter Basics - Maintenance
Aquarium Filter Basics - Modular Filters
Aquarium Filter Basics - Power Filters
Aquarium Filter Basics - Refugiums
Aquarium Filter Basics - Sponge
Aquarium Filter Basics - Undergravel Filters
Aquarium Filter Basics - Wet/Dry & Sumps
Aquarium Lighting Basics - Glossary
Aquarium Lighting Basics - Fluorescent
Aquarium Lighting Basics - Incandescent
Aquarium Lighting Basics - LED
Aquarium Lighting Basics - Metal Halide
Aquarium Plants and Carbon Dioxide
Aquarium Setup: Beginners Guide
Aquarium Slime: What is it & what to do about it?
Aquarium Stand Sizing [Chart]
Aquarium Stocking Tips - How do I choose my fish?
Aquarium Substrate- How Much Do I Need? [Chart]
Aquarium Water Testing & Tank Maintenance
Best Aquarium Filter [Infographic]
Betta Care Guide [Infographic]
Brackish Aquarium Basics
Choosing an Aquarium Filter [Infographic]
Common Weights & Measurements [Infographic]
Cold Water Aquarium Setup
Common Fish Diseases
Coral Requirements & Difficulty [Chart]
Deciding on your first fish? [Chart]
Dipping Plants to Eliminate Snails
Essential Nutrients for the Planted Aquarium
Explaining the Nitrogen Cycle
Fish Acclimation Procedures
Fish Behavior
Fish Food Basics
Fish Tank Heater Basics
Fishless Tank Cycling [Infographic]
Freshwater Aquarium Basics
Freshwater & Brackish Fish Compatibility [Chart]
Freshwater Community Tank Setup
Getting Rid of Algae
Glass Canopy Sizing [Chart]
Goldfish Growth Chart [Infographic]
How to Move Your Aquarium
Live Aquarium Plant Tips
Live Rock Curing Procedures
Marine Animal Compatibility [Chart]
Ozone in the Home Aquarium
Plant Care Requirements [Chart]
Planted Aquarium Setup & Care
Pleco Feeding Guide [Chart]
Protein Skimmer Basics
Reef Aquarium Basics
Salt Mix Guide [Chart]
Saltwater Aquarium Basics
Setting up a Quarantine Tank
Understanding and Calculating Head Pressure
Why is My Aquarium Water Cloudy?

Aquarium Livestock

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African Cichlids - Lake Malawi & Lake Victoria
African Cichlids - Lake Tanganyika
Angelfish for Freshwater Aquariums
Angels for Saltwater Aquariums
Anglers and Frogfish
Aquarium Lobsters
Aquarium Shrimp
Blue Ring Octopus
Boxfish, Cowfish & Trunkfish
Butterflyfish & Bannerfish
Claw Frogs
Clownfish & Anemone Preference
Crocea Clams
Cuttlefish and Octopus
Damsels & Chromis
Derasa Clams
Fairy & Flasher Wrasses
Feather Dusters for the Home Aquarium
Fiddler Crabs
Gobies for Brackish & Freshwater Aquariums
Gouramis & Anabantids
Guppies, Swordtails, Platies & Other Livebearers
Hermit Crabs
Lionfish & Scorpionfish
Live Sponges in the Home Aquarium
Mantis Shrimp
Marine Eel
Maxima Clams
Oriental Weatherfish
Oysters & Scallops for the Home Aquarium
Pistol Shrimp
Puffers for Brackish and Freshwater Aquariums
Rabbitfish & Foxfaces
Sea Anemones
Sea Apples & Sea Cucumbers
Sea Slugs & Nudibranchs
Sea Urchins
Seahorses and Pipefish
Sharks for Freshwater Aquariums
Sharks for Saltwater Aquariums
Squamosa Clams
Squirrelfish & Soldierfish
Starfish for the Home Aquarium
Stingrays for Saltwater Aquariums
Sweetlips and Grunts
Tangs & Surgeonfish
Tetras, Danios & Rasboras
Tunicates & Sea Squirts
Wrasses - Active Swimmers
Wrasses - Fish-Only Aquariums
Wrasses - Peaceful Community

Bird Articles

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African Grey
Airborne Hazards
Basic Bird Care
Bird Health
Bird Training
Black Headed Nuns
Brown Throated Conure
Cherry Head Conures
Choosing Proper Lighting for Birds
Cordon Bleu Finch
Egg Laying
European Goldfinch
Gouldian Finch
How Birds Digest Seeds
Palm Cockatoo
Parrot Diet
Parrot Facts
Photoperiod Importance
Red Sided Eclectus
Ringneck Dove
Senegal Parrots
Sun Conures
Zebra Finch

Cat Articles

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All About Catnip
Are You Ready to Adopt a Cat?
Arthritis in Pets
Cat Training
Cats and Plants
Declawing Your Cat
Ear Infections & Ear Mites
Feline Obesity
Getting a New Kitten
Getting Rid of Fleas on Your cat
Happy healthy pets holidays
Indoor vs. Outdoor Cats
Introducing Dogs & Cats
Should you neuter your cat

Dog Articles

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6 Reasons to Adopt a Senior Dog [Infographic]
6 Tips to Ease Pet Anxiety
when the Kids go Back to School
Canine Blood Donation: Dogs Can Save Lives Too [Infographic]
Chocolate Toxicity & Dogs
Choosing Dog Treats, Chews and Bones
Choosing the perfect dog bowl [Infographic]
Crate Training 101: Everything you need to know to start crate training
Dangerous Foods for Dogs [Infographic]
Dog Dental Care
Easy Peanut Butter Treats
Fireworks Safety Tips for Pets [Infographic]
Flea & Tick Prevention & Treatment for Dogs
Grooming & Bathing Basics
Trick or Treating with Your Pets
Heartworm Prevention
Helping your dogs skin irritation
Hip Dysplasia
How to choose the right dog
How to Crate Train Your Dog
Pet Ownership & Shelter Statistics [Infographic]
Picking the Perfect Collar
Positive reinforcement training basics
Protecting Pets in Winter Weather [Infographic]
Rabies: What You Need to Know
Should I neuter my dog
The Dangers of Parvovirus
The importance of preventing ticks
Tips for Trick or Treating With Your Pets
Toxic Holiday Plants [Infographic]
Training to reduce excessive barking in dogs
What you need to know about Puppy Mills
Winter Potty Training Tips for Dogs [Infographic]

Pond Articles

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Getting Rid of Pond Algae
Golden Orfe
Pond & Water Garden Installation
& Maintenance Guide
Pond Aerators
Pond Filters
Pond Fountain
Pond Goldfish
Pond Liners
Pond Plants
Pond Pumps
Pond Salt
Pond Tips
Pond Winterization
Spring Pond Maintenance